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First Semester Reflection

Written on the 2nd of December   I currently write this post in my empty room with all my suitcases packed up and ready to go on my flight home this evening. It’s the last day of term and the weather is around 36°C which makes me sad as in just over 31 hours I will […]


The final week of the semester!

The final week semester has come round so quickly, I am currently in the middle of writing my final essay to be handed in at the end of this week! But last week the university put on a Christmas market which really helped shift some attention away from deadlines approaching, and to be honest this […]


Autumn at University

Leicester is pretty in the autumn


The Puzzle of Motivation

  Motivation is pretty slippery and difficult to hold on to. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘motivation’ as the ‘desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm’. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? It’s more than just simply having a desire or willingness and being enthusiastic about something; you truly have to have an impassioned desire or an intense willingness or fervent enthusiasm!!!!! to actually get something […]


The Student Diet

As I’m bogged down with deadlines and Christmas meals, I thought I would do something a little different for this next blog post and share with you a cheap, easy, and filling recipe that will warm the cockles of your heart this winter. What’s more, it’s vegan and gluten-free!   I’ve been vegetarian for around […]


Reflections: First Year Accommodation

  Being a third year, I thought it would be a good idea to use this platform and reflect on some of the experiences I had during my first year. Nothing like a good bit of hindsight for reflection!   The first subject I thought to write about was accommodation. I remember coming to the […]


Staying healthy at University

In-between exams, placement and assignments, you can often forget to look after yourself properly at university. Not to mention having to budget on a student loan. Here’s a few tips on how to look after yourself when at university. Go to the market in Leicester to stock up on reasonably priced fruit and veg Get […]

Oishi Deb

Women in Computer Science Leicester Group

Hello everyone, I am the lead student ambassador for the Women in Computer Science (WiCS) group for this academic year. This is a student-lead event run by me. The Women in Computer Science Leicester group is here to help and promote Computer Science among female students with an interest in this subject. This group is not […]


Winter is Coming

  As the temperature starts to drop and the sound of sniffling in lectures begins to rise, only one quote can come to mind; Winter is Coming (all credit to Jon Snow).   With winter comes two very important and stressful things for the average university student: The inevitable cold that comes every year, to every […]


Conquering your fear of public speaking

  Not everyone likes public speaking. In fact, I think if you took a survey, most people would say they don’t. It’s a shame that something so universally disliked is expected of you so often in academic and professional situations.   This blog comes at a time when I’m in the process of preparing my […]


Battle the Winter with Style!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good week. I can’t believe the month of November has come to an end. We just had a fire drill and after 20 minutes of standing outside in the viscious claws of this winter, I knew it was time to dedicate a post to staying warm […]



Well nearly. The banging Christmas tunes have already started, and let’s face it, it’s a bit early. Part of me is absolutely buzzing as Santa is on his way and I basically get to continue eating the amount I’ve eaten all year, except I now have an excuse. The house is planning our Christmas meal, […]


**A New Project!!! **

Do you want to inspire others into loving your favourite subject? Do you enjoy working as part of a team? If so… Have you ever considered teaching as a career? I certainly have.   My goal began during our careers talk day during the spring semester of my first year here. Like everybody else, I […]


Bletchley Park-Life

You think when you end up at University, that it’s finally the end of those school trips to the local park or to see the amateur dramatics society for the umpteenth time. But luckily enough for all the budding Maths students out there, the highlight of first year is the annual jaunt to the ACTUAL […]


This Time Last Year

Recently I’ve been feeling very sad about the fact that I’m no longer on my year abroad. Especially with all my deadlines and assignments coming up. I’ve been thinking about all my adventures last year and all the wonderful Christmas markets that I won’t be going to this year. So this time last year I’ll […]

My mental health placement and the danger of PTDD

Well, I do apologise for my relative absence from this blog site the last few weeks. I’m currently doing my Mental Health clinical placement, and have decided that “PTDD” should totally be a thing – Post-Trump Distress Disorder. About 1/5 of the disease burden in the UK is mental health related, which is a testament […]


Back home for Diwali – Delayed Blog

On the 30th October was Diwali which is known as the ‘festival of lights’. Diwali is a special event that occurs on different days each year depending on the moon. There are many reasons why Diwali is celebrated in different religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism e.t.c. In Hindism, it marks the day when Lord Rama […]


Finally, I Did It!

I did it, I’ve been accepted to do a PhD! I remember that icy cold sensation of studying at the undergraduate level. The concerns, the worries, the schedules and the waiting for results. … and I did two undergraduate degrees! Then, for some inexplicable reason, I went through the Master’s’ programme. This time involving the […]


Productive Library Sesh

Now one thing I’ll never understand is people who spend days on end in the library achieving minimal amounts, why drag yourself to the library to write 2 paragraphs in 7 hours? I can only put this kind of procrastination down to inefficient use of library time and major distractions. Personally if I’m heading to the library it’s […]


Planet Earth II and Science!

Life, The Blue Planet, Planet Earth. These are the nature programmes, narrated by David Attenborough, that I loved watching as a kid. This was back before I knew I wanted to do Physics and probably before I really appreciated what science was. When you are a kid you assume that adults know everything, and one […]


Level two, year three, onwards and upwards!

Hi everyone, it was nice to get feedback recently that my blogs have helped at least one person to decide to study Archaeology at Leicester. Summer has well and truly gone and darkness draws in. My 0530-0630 morning study sessions now feel like the middle of the night! October also brings the start of level […]


A Guide to Political Institutions in The Hague

The Hague can be seen as one of the most underrated cities to visit in Europe, particularly for Politics and International Relations students (as you may probably know by now, this is where I am living and studying- so I may be somewhat biased). When visiting the Netherlands, the majority of people tend to prioritise […]


Till We Meet Again.

It has been great blogging for you guys over these past couple months but I am afraid this will be my last blog post. Now that I have graduated it is time for me to pass the baton to the next Natural Science blogger, to whom I wish the best of luck (I’m sure they’ll […]


Let’s talk about my PhD!

On one hand I don’t have much to report as there is no progress in my PhD. I did not have any field trips recently, I am not writing anything. But – you know there is always a “but”


Graduation day!

Yesterday was the big day! I now have BA to my name and I’m officially a graduate of the University of Leicester.   All-in-all it was a really nice day. Mum and dad came down for the day to celebrate with me. First thing I did was collect my graduation robes from the Students’ Union. Being completely […]


The EU Referendum

Are you registered to vote in the upcoming EU referendum? If you aren’t registered or don’t know if you are, you can register here. If you don’t register than you can’t vote and with those <55 years old much more likely to vote In on June 23rd, the Remain campaign needs you to vote. This video from channel 4 […]


Why Jane Austen’s appearance on our 10 pound notes is a big deal (even if you’re not a big fan)

While as a Literature student I may be very excited to see my favourite author’s face everyday, there are of course many who find her novels dull, and those who just do not care or know who she is. Either way, I think it is important to note the reasons which make this a great […]


A little trip to Rome

As a late birthday celebration, I went on a four day trip to Rome. It planned out to be the perfect timing as we managed to book the little gateway during my reading week, so luckily I didn’t have classes.   This was the first time my friends and I would be visiting Italy, so […]


Last week in Leicester

I’ve been in the UK for four years now as a student but this is by far the longest I’ve stayed here during summer. Usually I’ll be packing and going straight to the airport after my finals in June, simply because summer is my favorite season and specifically, summer in Cyprus (my home country) is […]

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