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Summer is over…

From a student’s perspective, a very huge plus point is the amount of holidays we get. Summer is most definitely the highlight of the calendar. Done with exams by May and lectures not stating till late September/early October, it’s a four month holiday well deserved (in my opinion anyway). During summer you’ll see students travelling, […]


Is Amsterdam the perfect city for students?

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, Amsterdam should definitely be an option. If you’re from Leicester University, it is very likely it’s only a cheap and short flight away from your home, making it easy and cheap to get to and from! Obviously no city is entirely perfect but after one month living here, I […]


Do’s and Don’ts When Packing for Uni

When I was a fresher, I had some serious packing problems! I felt I needed to pack up my entire life and bring it with me to fit into my small Lasdun room, so I definitely wish I had someone telling me what I did and didn’t need, so I thought would compile a short […]


4 Books For UOL Criminology Students To Consider

As students prepare for the start of a new academic year, here are four books that I would recommend UOL Criminology students consider purchasing to help them get the most out of their degree:   Criminology by Tim Newburn   One of my lecturers described this book as the ‘Bible of criminology’. At almost 1,100 […]


Top Tips for Freshers Week

If you’re starting your first year next week then you’re probably looking forward to Freshers Week with a mixture of nerves and excitement. 3 years ago I was in exactly the same position as you, so I thought I’d share a few tips to help you make the most of your first week at university. […]


ODP Open Day

  Hi guys!!   Today I will be blogging about the goings on of the ODP open day which I participated in. (I took lots of pictures especially for this blog hehe 😬).   It was on Sat 16th from 09:00 – 16:00 and although I am passionate about this course and proud to be repping […]


Preparing for Third Year

I am doing the Physics with Astrophysics MPhys course so later this month I will be starting my penultimate year of university. This year is going to be different for a number of reasons. To start with for some, those on the BSc course, this will be their final year and for others this will be […]


The new blogger on the block

Having written my first article, I thought an introduction was in order. I am Tanvi, a third year international medical student from Singapore. As someone who lives in great proximity to the equator, you can probably imagine the initial difficulty I felt in getting accustomed to the cold weather in Leicester. However, after two years […]


Maths & Society or “How did Maths start?”

Have you ever heard of “The Mayans”? They were a group of people from long ago that made our number system by representing numbers as pictures. This is one of the many, (MANY) facts that you will learn if one of your modules is Maths & Society.     I’m going to be truthful, many […]


Education is a Journey

Every now and then, I stop to reflect on the journey towards my MSc Fin. I have to say that it has been both challenging and rewarding, and I’m almost sad that it’s coming to an end. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to the new career opportunities that I’m hoping I find with the […]


Exploring Leicester – Cafes and Bars

I absolutely love meeting friends for a coffee or a drink and Leicester is certainly not short of places to do this. Obviously there are all the standard chains Costa, Caffè Nero, Pret A Manger for coffee and Turtle Bay, The Orange Tree and of course good old ’spoons for a drink. But look a […]


“First year grades don’t count do they?”

DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee that if you aren’t on the same course as me that this information will be the same for you! This was something I heard so much of throughout my first year and even before I started from other people like myself starting uni. This is the myth I am going to […]


Summer loving had me a blast…

You’re all singing it now aren’t you! Hope you all had a fabby summer, unfortunately spent most of mine working, although I work in events which is pretty cool! So I am going to do a run through of the fests so you can see which one you fancy for next year! (As I’ve been […]

Olivia J

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power – Tate Modern exhibition

I happened to flick through my brother’s copy of the Gentleman’s Journal lying on the sofa and by some stroke of luck saw an interview between art curator Zoe Whitley and Babou Ceesay discussing the Tate Modern’s powerful new exhibition; Soul of a Nation, Art in the Age of Black Power. Having already set my […]

Charlotte D

It’s That Time of Year Again

  No..not Christmas, although I’d forgive you for thinking that with all the chocolate tins already clogging the supermarket shelves. We’re a mere two weeks away from university freshers, and a confusing game of Tetris, trying to make all your stuff fit into one car. So, this is a little post for all of you […]


Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

  Summer goes by so slowly and so quickly all at the same time, it’s so strange. But, term is starting so soon and I’m just buzzing to get final year finished with!   Before I wanted to get into the heavier blog posts about uni, student life, finding your life’s calling, etc., I wanted […]



        I know what you thinking, cos I’ve probably heard the same things you have about the Navy.     Well I’m only here to reassure you they’re all true Come on! the travel, a steady income and a versatile nature of work that boasts excitement in comparison to the expected monotony […]


Erasmus 3 – Language barriers? What’s that?

It’s official.   I’ve spoken more English than Spanish and I’ve only been here for 28 hours.   How is that possible?   I am hoping that will change as soon as classes start. Spending a good portion of my day on the shopping centre probably didn’t help my case as most stores require their […]


Fresh Festival 2017

  A day hasn’t gone by I haven’t seen anything about freshers events. Everyday it’s either “NEARLY SOLD OUT” or “ONLY AVAILABLE NOW”. Just because it’s capitalised, doesn’t mean it’s true guys.     Despite this, I only thought it best to share my opinions on which events you don’t want to miss or should […]


Personal Statement

I remember when I was 18 years old, I was writing my university personal statement and indeed, it was a stressful period of time. There were high expectations to create a “perfect” personal statement as you’re trying to sell yourself to a university. Here are my top tips to write a personal statement: Make it […]


The Last One

  The time has indeed come for my time as Leicester’s History blogger to end. As I am a graduate and therefore no longer actually doing History. Thanks so much for reading this over the last year; I’ve really appreciated and enjoyed all of it. If you want to go back through any of my […]


Au revoir

After two years of blogging for the university, we’ve reached my last ever post. I suppose it’s only right that I share my pearls of wisdom to all those prospective students out there. (Disclaimer: I’m not that wise, I’ve just been a student for quite a while now.)   How do you get the best […]


Signing Off

Tomorrow, the 31st of July 2017, officially brings my student blogging experience to an end. It not only marks the end of this job but also brings me officially to the end of my university experience. Even though I graduated a couple of weeks ago, having this blog meant that I still had some official […]


And now I am working in a Museum!

A part of the PhD experience is the chance to enhance our professional careers. Now I am a very proud museum professional. Now time management becomes a more serious issue than ever before


How I survived A-level psychology

  A common question I’m asked by students wanting to study psychology at degree level is generally how I made it through psychology A-level, any tips and tricks I learnt along the way and quite frankly how I managed to stay sane throughout the whole process. I can honestly say It wasn’t easy by any means and […]


Till We Meet Again.

It has been great blogging for you guys over these past couple months but I am afraid this will be my last blog post. Now that I have graduated it is time for me to pass the baton to the next Natural Science blogger, to whom I wish the best of luck (I’m sure they’ll […]


The EU Referendum

Are you registered to vote in the upcoming EU referendum? If you aren’t registered or don’t know if you are, you can register here. If you don’t register than you can’t vote and with those <55 years old much more likely to vote In on June 23rd, the Remain campaign needs you to vote. This video from channel 4 […]


A little trip to Rome

As a late birthday celebration, I went on a four day trip to Rome. It planned out to be the perfect timing as we managed to book the little gateway during my reading week, so luckily I didn’t have classes.   This was the first time my friends and I would be visiting Italy, so […]


Last week in Leicester

I’ve been in the UK for four years now as a student but this is by far the longest I’ve stayed here during summer. Usually I’ll be packing and going straight to the airport after my finals in June, simply because summer is my favorite season and specifically, summer in Cyprus (my home country) is […]

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