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SU Workshops

  Leicester Students’ Union offers a series of free workshops based on developing employability skills and wellbeing. They range from Event Planning and Working with Children to Art Therapy and House Hunting. See the full list and how to book on here:   As I know it is not one of my strengths, […]


SET: appreciation of one particular shop in Leicester

You’ve probably noticed the reoccurring theme that I tend to try and fit far too much into each week and am stressed most of the time! Last week, amidst the blur of deadlines, I went Christmas shopping (mostly just to convince myself that I was organised in at least one aspect of my life). Now […]


Uni hoodies + Paediatric placement

  Heya Our uni hoodies we ordered finally arrived WOOP!   Uni give you the chance to order polo shirts and hoodies in an assortment of colours, complete with the University logo and ‘Operating Department Practice’, so we can rep up the ODP’s. Sooo i got one in grey and its really comfy. On the […]


Black Lives Matter

  For those of you who didn’t know, last month the SU observed Black History Month. As a part of the observance, the University of Leicester Amnesty International Student Division ran a campaign spreading awareness about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. I wanted to know more about it, so I got in touch with […]


This Girl Can…

This Girl Can is such a fantastic movement and something that is very important to me. This Girl Can is a Lottery Funded Movement which ‘is a celebration of active women who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.’ It is such […]

Charlotte D

Finding the Perfect 2nd Year House

  About this time last year, I was signing my house contract for the following academic year…the house I’m sat in currently in fact. I think it’s a relatively easy decision that, on entering, seems insurmountable. So, here are just a few tips for finding your new pad, that isn’t as terrible as everyone makes […]


Applying for jobs when you still have no idea what you want to do

As I’m in final year now I’ve felt the pressure mounting, from both myself and external forces, to find a job for next year when I’m thrown into the real world and released from the uni bubble. Job hunting was initially, and still is to some extent, a daunting prospect as I still had no […]


Do I have to be good at maths to do a Physics degree? Part 1

When I was at open days for uni everyone had the same questions: “Do I have to be good at maths?” and “Do I need to have done further maths?”. I don’t really remember how they answered these questions, but it tended to be something along the lines of: “It would help.”… Not all that […]


What is it like to study in the Netherlands?

When I came to the Netherlands, I’d heard from several people that the level of work, teaching and what was expected of you was generally lower than that of England. This, combined with the fact that an Erasmus year is just pass/fail, left me with high hopes of an easy year of studying, with more […]


Thoughts before starting Phase 2

After completing the last group work session for Phase 1 yesterday, I felt an almost anti-climactic sentiment of sadness. The day ended on a fairly sweet note (but only because of the abundant amounts of chocolate and crisps), as I suddenly realized that my journey from now onwards involves exploring the relatively unknown territory of […]


Literary Leicester

This is my 3rd year studying English at Leicester, and I could not believe that I’d never been to Literary Leicester before. As it is my last year I decided that I have to go this time round. Unfortunately, I could only manage to go to two events, but both of them were brilliant so […]


4 weeks…

“4 weeks till Christmas Faheema” is what I keep telling myself as soon as I wake up. I was under the illusion that second year would not be that different to first year but the first half of semester one was an eye opener to say the least. Not saying that first year is a […]


Game, Set, Match: Get Into Sport at the University of Leicester!

Although it’s been incredibly busy, I’m really enjoying my 3rd year studying the BA Criminology at the University of Leicester.   There are a few reasons for that. The modules on my course, especially Clinical Criminology, are incredibly stimulating. My dissertation is going well so far. And I am loving the freedom of only having […]


The 3 phases to get past our academic mistakes

This week, I got my results on a test I recently attempted (which was worth 20% of my overall grade). When I saw my results, I was surprised at how poorly I did but I thought “Doesn’t matter, I will just revise harder next time”, thinking that I could remain cool. Then later that evening, […]


Erasmus 8: How to spend a public holiday in Madrid

Hola chicos!   As I mentioned yesterday, today is a public holiday here in Spain. El día de todos los Santos (Saints day) is considered a national holiday and it is a tradition to have some buñuelos (fried dough ball) which can sometimes be filled with something sweet or savoury depending on your personal preference. […]



So as I’m third year, and don’t have long until it is deemed socially unacceptable to watch TV all day hungover eating last night’s takeaway, I am now having to do a fair few of these reflection sheets. Basically you summarise what you’ve learnt skills wise (apparently downing multiple VKs is not one of them, […]


What does a Committee Member do?

Whilst being at university it’s good to get involved with things outside of your studies to help you to get a good work-life balance and develop skills that will help you in the future.  One of the most fun ways you can do this is by being a committee member for a student group. Every […]


John Bercow? In Leicester?

  You saw the title right. Yes, last Friday, John Bercow graced the streets of Leicester by visiting the university for his talk on ‘The Making of a Modern Parliament’!     For those of you who don’t know who John Bercow is, he’s the Speaker of the House of Common’s in the British Parliament. […]


Third year: less than a year until I graduate!

It’s only the second week of first semester and I can already tell a difference from second to third year. The first difference is the intensity of work compared to second year, everyone is already stressed with deadlines and work loads. As my dissertation is due in January, every moment counts and I can’t waste […]

Oishi Deb

My Experience of the Royal Navy Leadership Programme

I undertook the Royal Navy Undergraduate Leadership Programme (ULP) in my final year. It was a great opportunity for me to stretch myself outside my comfort zone and to experience something challenging. I really enjoyed doing this programme, this gave me an in-depth knowledge of the leadership skills required in Royal Navy. This leadership programme […]

Charlotte D

It’s That Time of Year Again

  No..not Christmas, although I’d forgive you for thinking that with all the chocolate tins already clogging the supermarket shelves. We’re a mere two weeks away from university freshers, and a confusing game of Tetris, trying to make all your stuff fit into one car. So, this is a little post for all of you […]


The Last One

  The time has indeed come for my time as Leicester’s History blogger to end. As I am a graduate and therefore no longer actually doing History. Thanks so much for reading this over the last year; I’ve really appreciated and enjoyed all of it. If you want to go back through any of my […]


Signing Off

Tomorrow, the 31st of July 2017, officially brings my student blogging experience to an end. It not only marks the end of this job but also brings me officially to the end of my university experience. Even though I graduated a couple of weeks ago, having this blog meant that I still had some official […]


And now I am working in a Museum!

A part of the PhD experience is the chance to enhance our professional careers. Now I am a very proud museum professional. Now time management becomes a more serious issue than ever before


How I survived A-level psychology

  A common question I’m asked by students wanting to study psychology at degree level is generally how I made it through psychology A-level, any tips and tricks I learnt along the way and quite frankly how I managed to stay sane throughout the whole process. I can honestly say It wasn’t easy by any means and […]


Till We Meet Again.

It has been great blogging for you guys over these past couple months but I am afraid this will be my last blog post. Now that I have graduated it is time for me to pass the baton to the next Natural Science blogger, to whom I wish the best of luck (I’m sure they’ll […]


The EU Referendum

Are you registered to vote in the upcoming EU referendum? If you aren’t registered or don’t know if you are, you can register here. If you don’t register than you can’t vote and with those <55 years old much more likely to vote In on June 23rd, the Remain campaign needs you to vote. This video from channel 4 […]


A little trip to Rome

As a late birthday celebration, I went on a four day trip to Rome. It planned out to be the perfect timing as we managed to book the little gateway during my reading week, so luckily I didn’t have classes.   This was the first time my friends and I would be visiting Italy, so […]


Last week in Leicester

I’ve been in the UK for four years now as a student but this is by far the longest I’ve stayed here during summer. Usually I’ll be packing and going straight to the airport after my finals in June, simply because summer is my favorite season and specifically, summer in Cyprus (my home country) is […]

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