The view of Prague city

Summer travels

For my sister’s birthday, I got us tickets to see Passenger in Schwetzingen. The plan was to go on a little trip to a few places in Europe before the concert, so whilst I was still in Heidelberg we had a few Skype calls and sorted it all out. I’d like to say that my […]

If you look closely, you may see those lights I alluded to in a blog a few weeks ago now!

Back from Mainland Europe

I am happy to say that I am back from my German-speaking adventures on the mainland, and that I have had a wonderful time there, blogosphere!! Plus, I am very happy at being able to utilise some of my German Beginner’s skills from the year course I did at University alongside my studies. Asking for […]

Milestone (4) Final Assessment in Education

No matter how today has gone, I am very happy to say that my final exam is done! That’s it. 4 years of hard slogging at University (not to mention yearly formal assessment since the age of 14!) has finally culminated in these few exams determining a significant portion of my final year marks (although […]

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