Well nearly. The banging Christmas tunes have already started, and let’s face it, it’s a bit early. Part of me is absolutely buzzing as Santa is on his way and I basically get to continue eating the amount I’ve eaten all year, except I now have an excuse.

The house is planning our Christmas meal, secret Santa is all arranged, and the traffic cone has begun its new role of our Christmas tree. It’s so nice to be all jolly and pretend we don’t have exams looming around the corner, when in fact this year they actually count. But, how can you enjoy the festivities on a budget? Well, hop aboard my sleigh of wisdom!

OK so for our house Christmas the meal is a nightmare, we have 8 people in total, and between them, we have: 2 Vegetarians (OK one of them is me), one Gluten free, one lactose intolerant, one cocoa intolerant and one who will only eat anything coated in an entire jar of pesto and cheese.

So, we decided pheasant and chicken to try something different, and as pheasant is normally cheaper, so shop around! All our veg will come from the market as it’s sold in large quantities-making it perfect for a big meal. Desserts and stuff will be homemade (basically so we can avoid stuff for the allergy people) And all extra little bits will probably come from poundland (student saviour)

So tah dah!




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