Finally free…. (until summer)

They’re done, thank the lord. Finally finished my 4 exams which is a huge relief, as I spent so much time in the library people probably thought I lived there (which is slightly depressing).

But now they’re done I don’t quite know what to do with myself. Last year as soon as I finished my exams I headed to work- so this year I didn’t really know what to do with all this time. I’m not normally the lazing about kind of person- but I soon picked up the habits of my housemates!

I have started watching Sherlock, and eaten far to many takeaways, which has been so good but not great for my figure (whoops). I haven’t been to the gym once as I have just convinced myself I need to ‘recover’ although to be honest, I could have definitely gone. Instead I’ve just been partying and lazing about all day, which has been great but weird as I kept waking up at 1pm, so half of the day is already gone…

Now I have to face the fact that I have to go back to lectures (boo) which means lots more 9am starts! (perks of being a Chemistry student). I should probably start getting back into some sort of routine so I don’t fall asleep… But let’s face it, come 3am I will probably be doing a buzzfeed quiz to determine which character I am from a Tv show I don’t even watch. Will I ever learn???



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My name is Katie and I am a second year chemistry student! I will be blogging about how to survive first year (and freshers!) how to make the most of your time at Leicester, plus everything that we get up to in the chemistry department!

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