Leicester Comedy festival

So happy as it’s finally come around- Leicester comedy festival. So far, I have seen Joe Lycett (v v v good, highly recommend), Johnny Vegas ( drunk but still hilarious) and Sarah Millican ( v fab).

So, this past few months have been great, and for as little as ¬£8 a ticket (yes, ¬£8!!!) it would be rude not to. Joe Lycett was my favourite I’d say, his witty humour and quick thinking made the room just light up. It wasn’t actually a big gig, it was held at Firebug (fab cocktails) due to it being a work in progress gig, i.e he was trying out new material. Yet, the fact that it was unscripted made it even funnier, as it was more natural.

Sarah Millican was also good (to be honest, not my first choice, but mum wanted to see her), there aren’t many female comics about, and if they are (sorry to say it!), but more often than not, they’re just not funny. She was relatable as she wasn’t trying to paint this image of superiority above the audience just because she’s been on TV, ¬†instead she introduced real life topics, which is the key to her success.

Johnny Vegas, well, he was of course utterly hilarious. By the end of the gig he could barely stand due to the sheer volume of vodka and Guinness he had consumed. The more he drank, the funnier he became- he was extremely sharp (even when drunk) when dealing with hecklers, and that audience engagement made the evening unforgettable. Defo would see again.

Leicester comedy fest is advertised everywhere, yet not many students seem to take advantage of it, but if you want a hilarious night with some of the best in the game for under a tenner, you’d better keep your eyes peeled for next year.

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