Packing, repacking, and packing again

So tour is v v soon now eeeeek! V excited, however there are a few odd items on the packing list some of which took a bit of imagination. A unique drinking vessel??? Not really sure for that one currently, but have a few ideas in mind. A single croc? Who even owns these anymore? Take a throwback to 2008 and I was rocking a pair of those bad boys in hot pink with some seriously chic gems clipped on, it is fair to say it brought all the boys to my yard.

But now? Nope they are long gone, my best bet is asking Nan to see if she has any gardening shoes- which will inevitably be some sort of khaki croc. However, I will have to break it to her that she will unlikely see it’s return so probably best to throw it’s left counterpart away in case it becomes some kind of sorry reminder of her fav gardening shoes. To be fair, she’ll probs be grateful for the arrival of a new pair due to the local cat’s penchant for taking a dump in there as opposed to it’s litter tray (which obviously it wouldn’t want to soil).

Costumes are another one, I have brought a cavegirl costume, which is always a risky one when you are 5″10 and have as many curves as a wooden plank- I think I’ll have to wear shorts underneath, as once a few tequilas are down the hatch, the remaining scraps of my dignity will be quickly diminished by me flashing the entirety of Croatia.

A few other odd items include an egg, to be honest the worst thing they could ever do is make me eat it as I have never eaten one, and never really intend on trying one. A blindfold- somehow I do not think it’s for getting some shut eye on the way there. And finally (for boys only, or v brave girls) a tub of Vaseline….

The Vaseline just reminds me of the book “Of mice and men” I don’t even want to think what that challenge entails….


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