I should be revising

Hmm so even though I’m supposed to be revising I have been binge watching TV too, whoops. It always seems that during exam season new series start!

The mini series ‘Clique’ on BBC was particularly good, so interesting, but it was bound to be good as the producers of skins also produced Clique!

It follows the life of two best friends Holly and Georgia at Edinburgh University studying economics, who get drawn into this elite clique of girls who on the face of it seem to have it all; beauty, brains and power. Through this clique, they get involved in this exclusive finance scholarship created by their lecturer with the private bank Solasta finance. However it appears that the scholarship is less about finance, and more about exclusive parties and sex appeal. Georgia quickly gets taken in, and ends up spending days drinking and being the personal aid of a corrupt businessman Steiner. Anyone who gets too close to the truth ends up dead, so Holly has to watch her step as she uncovers the dark secrets of Solasta Finance.

I don’t want to say anymore as I don’t want to ruin it but 100% it is worth a watch! Pretty Little Liars is also back- which I have been waiting for ages to watch, so long in fact that I’d actually forgotten what had happened in the previous episodes. So, that obviously meant that I had to re-watch the entire series….

Anyway I’d better had get back to revision…


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