Stress stress stress

Although there are many enjoyable parts to being at uni, it can be stressful. In chemistry especially, the course is relatively intense and requires a significant amount of study outside of lectures. Unfortunately, in order to excel a surface understanding of chemistry is not enough; you need to be able to apply your knowledge to […]

Grad jobs

So I graduate in less than 6 months which is super scary as Uni has been my safety net for the past 2 and a half years. It’s mad to think that the people I live with and consider my closest pals were strangers a mere 3 years ago. But, as graduation approaches, we all […]

Choosing modules

The further you get in your degree course for chemistry, the more flexibility you get with regards to choosing modules. This shouldn’t be a snap decision – it should be something that you seriously consider, as you will have not only have to study this module for months; but also sit and exam on it. […]

Little trip to Munich

Hello hello!!  Sorry for the delayed post! So aside from exams and other stuff, I managed to fit in a little weekend away to visit my friend in Munich. I have never been to Munich before, but it’s of particular interest to me as I have a keen interest in German history. One good thing […]

Dsypraxia- What is it??

Dyspraxia is one of those specific learning difficulties that can go under the radar, as many just don’t know what it actually is. This can in turn, lead to it being missed at school or even, at University. Dyspraxia is a developmental coordination disorder, present in both adults and children, commonly affecting fine and gross […]


So as I’m third year, and don’t have long until it is deemed socially unacceptable to watch TV all day hungover eating last night’s takeaway, I am now having to do a fair few of these reflection sheets. Basically you summarise what you’ve learnt skills wise (apparently downing multiple VKs is not one of them, […]

Disso woes

So as I’m third year, I now have to write a disso (sad times)) and mine is on education in Chemistry as I previously mentioned. So I am having to make some snazzy vids for all the little freshers to learn from! Although one slight hiccup is that I’M USELESS WITH TECHNOLOGY. Which I admit, […]

Best places to drink in Leicester

(Nearly) everyone loooves a bevvy. But Leicester has sooo many lovely places to drink, and sometimes, just sometimes, a Strongbow dark fruit at the Dog just doesn’t cut it. So here’s a little list of a few cosy spots that can rustle up a great cocktail:   The terrace: this is a must if you’re […]

Term time

So this Monday I start back on full timetable *sob* and as I’m in my third and final year it means my disso (dissertation) is looming. I thankfully (praise the lord) have managed to avoid labs for my project, so if you do Chem don’t worry you won’t necessarily be stuck in a lab! I […]


When you hear that, there’s only one thing that springs to my mind and that’s… alcohol (and lots of it) Fresher’s is the time that you make lifelong friends in the toilets, and soon learn how much of a mess you and your flatmates are when you try and stumble home.   It’s the rime […]

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