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Well nearly. The banging Christmas tunes have already started, and let’s face it, it’s a bit early. Part of me is absolutely buzzing as Santa is on his way and I basically get to continue eating the amount I’ve eaten all year, except I now have an excuse. The house is planning our Christmas meal, […]

Exams are approaching…

It feels like we’ve only just began, yet soon the inevitable exam period will come around again. I am already stressing about stressing about work. If you get what I mean. But keeping cool and working smartly instead of doing all the hours under the sun will actually work better! I wish I had taken […]

Keeping skills alive

I have an appalling memory. Literally appalling, I struggle to remember what I had to breakfast never mind how to partially differentiate something, Which is why it’s so important to keep your skills up to date. Love it or hate it, lets face it, maths is important. No matter what degree/job you do, its highly […]

Managing your time

It’s hard. I know. I want to join literally all the societies as well as attend a pretty jam-packed lecture timetable, plus working a part time job. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Some sports societies require a fair bit of commitment anyway, for example I play lacrosse (def join it’s great) but that requires me to […]

How to budget effectively

As everyone knows the student loan provided for us to ‘live’ on is nowhere near enough. Last year my accommodation was £6000+ and my loan was the minimum. BUT FEAR NOT. You can budget well- especially if you get on well with your flatmates, sharing is caring after all. The market is a good place […]

Settling in

I’m finally back at Uni – hurrah!! Moved into my new house with my fab housemates- who all study chemistry too and are basically the entire ChemSoc committee. Everything has been great so far, although it’s a bit weird getting used to all the little sounds our old Victorian house makes. It’s strangely liberating living […]

How to survive labs

Anyone who knows me would be surprised that I haven’t (as of yet) accidentally killed myself by some freak chemical reaction. I’m not going to lie, labs aren’t exactly my favourite part, I spend the majority of them trying to work out what what I’m meant to be doing, whilst trying not to break horrendously […]

Welcome to Leicester!

Hello hello to all the new freshers! I personally, cannot believe a whole year has passed since I myself was a fresher! Freshers is great- definitely make the most of it before you have to knuckle down a little bit- however make sure you can still make all your welcome lectures, as that’s where you […]

Study methods-go your own way

Oh wow, it has been three and a half weeks since my last post. I am right in the middle of doing the reading for my dissertation and my desk looks a bit burdened. There are papers, book chapters and notebooks piling up and to everyone who sees it it looks like pure chaos. To […]

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