I know what you thinking, cos I’ve probably heard the same things you have about the Navy.     Well I’m only here to reassure you they’re all true Come on! the travel, a steady income and a versatile nature of work that boasts excitement in comparison to the expected monotony […]

with Dr. Sue Black

BCS Women Lovelace Colloquium 2017 part 1

I attended the 10th BCS Women Lovelace Colloquium at the Aberystwyth University, Wales. This is an annual one-day conference for women students of Computing and related subjects. Alongside keynote speeches and talks, this conference also includes poster presentations from all year undergraduates and master students. Students were encouraged to submit an abstract for their poster […]

Attending Grace Hopper Computing Conference in London

Attending Grace Hopper Computing Conference in London

I attended the Grace Hopper Conference 2016 in London. It was a great event for female technologists. The day was jam packed with various talks, seminars and workshops. I highly recommend other students to attend such events too.  

Attending Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Conference

I attended the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Student – Engineering Inspiration Conference 2016 on the 18 and 19th of November. Through this conference, I got the opportunity over two days to meet engineering students from different universities and talk informally with engineers at different stages of their profession about the options, opportunities, and experiences of […]

The Team that won the 3rd prize in the womENcourage 2015 Hackathon competition.

My experience at the womENcourage computing conference/Hackathon in Sweden

I attended the womENcourage conference in Uppsala, Sweden in September 2015 which was organized by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The ACM-W Europe womENcourage Celebration of Women in Computing is a scientific event, and also an event aimed at networking and exploring career opportunities for women in computer science and related disciplines. This conference brings together […]

Careers Development Service

We are already approaching half way through this part of the semester (there are two weeks of semester two after the Easter break for those of you who didn’t know) which means I am rapidly approaching the end of my time at the University of Leicester. As scary as that is, I can’t wait to […]

The Last Post

Now that I’ve graduated it’s time for me to say goodbye to being a student blogger! For my last post I thought I’d tell you a little about what’s next for me… Work! After induction last week I started working as a Materials Research Engineer. I can’t tell you what I’ll be working on (how […]

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