Attending Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Conference

I attended the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Student – Engineering Inspiration Conference 2016 on the 18 and 19th of November. Through this conference, I got the opportunity over two days to meet engineering students from different universities and talk informally with engineers at different stages of their profession about the options, opportunities, and experiences of […]


My experience at the Deutsche Bank – Autistica Hackathon

I participated in the Autistica Hackathon, organised by Deutsche Bank on 9th and 10th November 2016. I traveled from Leicester and stayed the night before in London to attend the Hackathon next day. The aim of the Hackathon was to develop apps for Autistic people in order to help them with their anxiety. As I […]

Mentoring at BBC Summer of Code Club

Mentoring at BBC Summer of Code Club

Hello everyone, this is my first blog hope you will enjoy reading it. I am going to talk about something that I do in my free time. I love engaging with young people to promote computing and engineering. As I am a STEM ambassador, I started mentoring at the BBC ‘Make it Digital’ coding club. […]

Places to Visit

Outside of the University side of life, Leicester has a lot to offer in a way of things to do. So I thought I’d put a quick guide together giving you a few ideas for weekend entertainment, or places to take visiting friends: Within walk-able distance just outside the city center, well in my opinion […]

Lets Do Leicester!

Lets Do Leicester!

It’s the start of a new term, exams are all finished and my interim report is completed and submitted, so I can finally have a little breather. I’m happy with how all my exams went and I don’t feel I could have done much more than I did, so hopefully that will show when I […]

Christmas Ski Trip

Every year the University Ski and Snowboard club (LUSSC) organises a Christmas and Easter ski trip. This year I’ve decided to go on the Christmas trip to Val Thorens. These trips are always a great opportunity to take whilst you are at Leicester due to the discounted rates that you get due to travelling with […]

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