Unofficially Over

I’m done!!!!!! Freedom!!!!!! 4 years of my life over! My degree is OVER!!! I can’t express how happy I am to no longer have exams, to have completed all aspects of my degree. I am so excited and happy. I feel so free. I’m so excited for the summer, and for my graduate job which […]

Hakuna Fatmata

So it is the last day of the Student’s Union Executive Elections today and I want to urge everyone to vote for the candidates that they believe in. I was also inspired to write a blog post on a candidate that I believe in, and that is Fatmata Daramy aka Hakuna Fatmata. Apart from her […]


Since Halloween was just a couple of days ago, I thought that it would be a good idea for me to write a blog on the history of Halloween. The reason for this is because I didn’t actually know why we celebrate Halloween so it gives me the opportunity to learn something new and share […]


So this week, I have been getting more fit. Apart from my walks to and from university every day (which is about 25 mins in total), plus my walking to the city centre and back, I don’t get any exercise. And I blame this partly on expensive gym membership and mostly on the fact that […]

First Week Back

So this week I officially started my final year at the University of Leicester. It has been a hectic and crazy week. The work load is more than I initially thought but yet I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying the modules I chose, especially my English module, EN3078, Love and Death in Russian and French Literature. […]

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