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Having problems sleeping?

Everybody knows that feeling of tossing and turning in your bed at night time where, you want to sleep but you can’t. Once you finally close your eyes and drift off into dreamland, your alarm goes off (not a great feeling). Everyone has their reasons for not sleeping at night, it might be down to […]

Best thing that has happened during summer is…

It’s mid July and the weather has been fairly okay, not too hot or too cold. Summer is going fairly well but, the best thing that has happened is Season 7 for Game of Thrones. That is right, ladies and gentlemen, Game of Thrones is finally here. Everyone has their programmes that they love and […]

Grenfell tower fires

It has been over a week since hearing the horrible news about the Grenfell Tower fire in North Kensington. The fire engulfed a 24-storey high tower block of public housing flats within a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the fire took many lives and injured over 50 people. Until this day, loved ones are seeking their […]

Second year field trip

Sunny southern Spain here I come! It’s that time of the year where second year physical geographers will be travelling to Almeria. We will be spending a whole week in Spain away from the busy university life. However, don’t be fooled as we will be working very hard and thinking our dissertation.   It’s only […]

Coursework, calling estate agents and Christmas

It is finally December and first semester is over. There was a massive difference from first year to second year, as the workload did definitely increase and it all counts to your final grade. November was heavily loaded with coursework as there was numerous deadlines. It was just very long nights and lack of sleep […]

San Carlos󠄀

San Carlos󠄀

As a big food person, I am a person who likes to try different food places. Leicester has numerous food places from Turkish to Indian to Mexican. My recent discovery is an Italian restaurant called San Carlos located on Granby Street. San Carlos is one of Leicester’s most popular restaurants and becomes very busy in […]

Lack of motivation?

November. Lovely November. November is the month where our lecturer decides to bombard us with deadlines. November is the month where the night are colder and we’re sitting in the library until god knows what time. Some of us may feel demotivated and question why we even are at university? Some of us feel so stressed […]

Trump for President- Am I living in a nightmare?

9/11/2016: America shocked the world with their new president Donald Trump. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump!  United States of America 45th president.   I was truly shocked when I saw it flash up on my BBC notifications. I’m still trying to understand why Americans would elect an individual who is so narrow minded and […]

From Leicester to London, London to Leicester

The last few weekends I’ve been going back home. As a geographer, I tend to think a lot whilst I’m travelling, in terms of the every day to day people I pass and how the landscape changes throughout the years. On my recent trip, I was reflecting back to my social and culture lecture that […]

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