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Challenge accepted!

  Back in November, I wrote a post about being overwhelmed. Well, guess what? It’s that time of year again! It’s nearing the end of term, and not only are deadlines being thrown at you, but big events are happening: namely, the Law Review Launch Event and mooting finals. On top of that, revision period and exams […]

Law Society campaign week!

  This week is all about campaigning and selling myself! I’m running to be Chairperson of the Law Society next year so hopefully in a few months, I’ll be taking over from Scarlett. She’s done an incredible job this year and has successfully rebuilt the Law Society from the ground up. We’ve been nominated for […]

The Patchwork Week

The Patchwork Week

  This week has been so crazy, random and unimaginable that in order to do it justice you need to hear an amalgamation of stories of the best bits. Bear with me.   The week kicked off with getting back into the swing of things at Pole Fitness! This wasn’t before getting my ASDA order and now being […]

Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward

  This is my favourite quotation; it was said by Victor Kiam, who was an American entrepreneur and also owned the New England Patriots at one point. The quotation just resonated with me the first time I came across it.   There have been many times in my life where I have both metaphorically and physically fallen on […]

Reflection & Rehabilitation: My Prison Visit

  This week I had the incredible opportunity of being able to visit a prison and be able to pretend to be a prisoner for a day! A trip like no other – and an opportunity few general members of the public get.   The prison is set to open soon so we were there […]

How To Be Canadian

  It’s starting to get quite busy and Scarlett inspired me to make a vlog this week! It was a fun piece to put together in the midst of the craziness that’s going on with uni and Law Society and Law Ball prep. This video is completely a joke and the only true facts are that maple taffy […]

MY FIRST VLOG: Our Law Society Nominated for National Awards

  Last week I found out that the University of Leicester Law Society has been nominated for 4 national awards! It was a struggle to put my excitement into words, so here’s my first ever vlog about it all…         -Scarlett  

What do students eat??

  Students are an exceptional species of human. We have voluntarily left the comfort of home-cooked meals only to find ourselves fighting for survival. We must learn to cook our own meals, and this means more than just pasta, because everyone knows by now that pasta can get really old, really quickly. Plus, you can only order Domino’s so […]

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