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Contrary to popular belief, studying law is not hard!

  I hope everyone’s summers are going well so far! I’m back in Canada for the holiday, and although it’s nice to be home with family, it’s certainly not a time for relaxation. My summer is full with finishing up my Canadian degree (finally), prepping for my dissertation, and thinking about what to do after […]

Summer is here!

  First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on finishing a/another year at Leicester! There is no victory too small not to celebrate and just getting through the year is a huge achievement.   Now it’s time to relax for the summer before getting back into it! But (and excuse me for pulling a classic Law […]

Let’s Disko: Sausage Rolls, Angels, and Three Years of Memories

Let’s Disko: Sausage Rolls, Angels, and Three Years of Memories

  One constant in my life at Leicester for the past three years has been the uni club (the O2)’s night out on a Wednesday called Let’s Disko. I ended up going pretty much every single week for three years – now that’s commitment! It’s the cheesy pop hits night, which is so my thing. […]


  It’s been a wonderful week after exams trying to catch up with everyone I’ve neglected during revision.   This has included lots of pub sessions, a games night and shopping trips!   But then Lucie and I headed to Amsterdam for a few days to set off on our art tour. We explored the […]

John Mayer Day

The photo I sent to Scarlett after I found out the concert was sold out and burst into tears

  So, on 11th May 2017, I saw John Mayer in concert at The O2 in London. I wanted to write a blog post about it the next day, but here’s what I came up with:   As you may have read in Scarlett’s latest blog, we went to London to see John Mayer in […]

Time’s Up

Time’s Up

  And in what felt like no time at all, it’s all over.   This week I finished my Law degree, and it’s been a weird one.   On Sunday it was my 21st birthday, and whilst I thought that it would be horrendous, because it was followed by two consecutive days of exams, the […]

Learn from me and don’t take the easy way out

For your viewing pleasure

  As many of my friends are aware, I ‘have a degree in Music’ from the Canadian university I attended before coming to Leicester. We’ll get to that in a minute.   In law, we get the rare treat of being able to selectively revise for our exams. It’s not recommended, per se, but it’s […]

To all Creators: You are a Masterpiece

To all Creators: You are a Masterpiece

  Thursday 11th May – otherwise known as ‘JOHN MAYER DAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!’ to me and Lucie. It has been months since we’d booked the tickets to see her favourite artist, and the excitement was UNREAL. Lucie cried hysterically when we saw an underground tube sign that welcomed the John Mayer fans and wrote sentences by including the […]

Take everything you see with a grain of salt

  In the tumultuous time that is revision and exams (1 down, 2 to go!!), I was having a spontaneous late-night chat with my housemate the other night. We chatted about various things, but the last thing she said really stuck with me. She told me that, in reading through my blog posts, she felt […]

You’re you, not them

You’re you, not them

  One thing I advocate a lot is the fact that we should not compare ourselves to others. This is a particularly pertinent issue during exam time when everyone is working towards the same deadlines.   If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that every person is different. Me, personally? I hate working during the day. […]

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