Yet another career change (and unleashing creativity)


This week, I have had many a revelation. I’ve realised that as much as I enjoy studying law, I enjoy creating art more. This means a career change might be in need… And this can only mean two things: onwards with the journey and on to the next great adventure!


My career path changes every few weeks, but really, your 20s are the perfect time for you to be finding your true calling or purpose or craft. This means that your path will inevitably change, probably more than once, and that’s perfectly okay!


My true calling lies in the arts and I’ve demonstrated this to myself time and time again but didn’t truly tap into it until this week. I’ve always loved the clean look of geometric shapes and lines; for me, simplicity and minimalism are key. I love black and white with maybe a pop of one colour. I love modern architecture because of the lack of ornamentation and the seeming simplicity of the buildings. My best friend, Scarlett, tells me all the time how exceedingly logical I am (I’m actually a robot), and it shows in my artistic choices and preferences.


This week I’ve really struggled with finding inspiration and unleashing my creativity on the world. I’ve doubted myself for so many years that it became a habit of mine to look at a blank piece of paper, or even a colouring page, and say, ‘I’m not creative enough’. Now, I’m normally a positive person and I don’t usually put myself down like this, but I didn’t even realise that I was actually the one suppressing my own creative confidence. Sometimes these self-doubts just sneak up on you and you can’t help but believe them because they’re internal. It was a huge epiphanic moment when I realised what I was doing.


This week was all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and going for the artsy stuff but it’s really dark outside of my comfort zone and I didn’t bring a flashlight so I’ve been feeling a little blind and bewildered. So, naturally, I turned to Scarlett, Ted talks, YouTube, and Pinterest for inspiration to get the creativity flowing. I’d say it’s worked pretty well so far and I’m starting to develop a personal style.


I can feel the excitement brimming, just waiting to spill over, at the prospect of being able to do art for the rest of my life.


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Hello! My name is Lucie and I’m a final year LLB student. I’m from Canada, so the goal is to give you some insight on what it’s like to live and study in Leicester from a different perspective! Alongside my studies, I am involved with the Law society and the Swim & Water Polo Club, I do yoga regularly, and I waste away precious hours on film- and graphic design-related things and Netflix.

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