Yet another career change (and unleashing creativity)

  This week, I have had many a revelation. I’ve realised that as much as I enjoy studying law, I enjoy creating art more. This means a career change might be in need… And this can only mean two things: onwards with the journey and on to the next great adventure!   My career path […]

Three-year or two-year program?

  As you may or may not have noticed, there are a lot of Canadians at Leicester (including me!). A large majority of us come here to study law and that’s thanks to Ben Reed, the Student Recruitment Administrator, and Gemma Turton, the Deputy Undergraduate Admissions Tutor in Law, who travel around Canadian universities speaking about Leicester Law. Their goal is to recruit […]

Which path will you take? Pt. II

  This week’s blog post is a continuation of last week’s so let’s just get on with it!   On one fateful day in March 2015, my dad was on his way to work in Toronto while I was three hours away at uni in Kingston. He sent me a text with a picture of […]

Which path will you take? Pt. I

  ‘Do you know what you’re doing after graduation?’   It’s the question everyone dreads. Some people are lucky enough to have it together and know what they’re doing after they graduate from uni. But, most people are not that lucky.   As a second year, I still have time to think about what my career path […]

It Begins! Getting Ready to be a Law Student

It Begins! Getting Ready to be a Law Student

Hey, hi, hello!   In a few weeks I’ll be entering my third year as a law student. Wow. I cannot believe it’s been two incredible years already, and I am raring to make the most of every second of my last year in Leicester! It’s a daunting time whether you’re starting as a first […]

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