My First Meeting with My Dissertation Supervisor, Sort Of

OK, that wasn’t quite so bad. Well, sort of.


I had my meeting with my dissertation supervisor today. Unfortunately, because of technical difficulties, we were unable to actually speak by telephone, so we exchanged emails for a while before I was directed to post further questions in Blackboard. While the interaction was brief, I was relieved to simply have a direct interaction with my supervisor. He was pretty easy going and not openly frustrated by the technical issues that prevented us from having a live call. I’m still waiting for his feedback on my Blackboard post, but, at least for now, I’m cautiously optimistic about the process.


I reformulated my research aims in response to his earlier feedback, and I am eager to find out if I’m on the right track. I suppose I will proceed with my literature review until I hear back from my supervisor. I am reluctant to start with the interviews and focus groups until I get feedback, as the feedback might affect the direction of the questions involved in these exercises. With regard to the survey, because there are so many questions aimed at gaining both qualitative and quantitative understandings of the sample population, I feel reasonably confident with moving ahead with that.


Here’s hoping that things progress smoothly



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