Looking Ahead

As we come to the downhill portion of this race, my ADD has me looking ahead to the next thing. I must admit that the thought of completing my MSc Finance is exciting, especially given the fact that I didn’t initially join the program with an intent to get a masters degree. Now, I’m completing my final […]

Three Tips For Freelancers

Three Tips For Freelancers

It’s funny how certain words have certain connotations, isn’t it? I mean, we give words meaning based upon certain contexts, and these meanings inform our subsequent usage and understanding of these words. For example: freelancer. It is amazing to me that so many people still don’t hold freelancers in the same regard as entrepreneurs, when, […]

Resolution for 2017: Be an entrepreneur, or work for one

Resolution for 2017: Be an entrepreneur, or work for one

With the start of each new calendar year, millions (or hundreds of millions) of people around the world feel a renewed energy and resolve to make the new year better than the previous one. Health club memberships increase exponentially, and the first few days of the year are alive with banter about what bounties potentially […]

Here Comes Trouble: A $2 Trillion IPO

I love it when elements of my finance course show up in real life. Sometimes I have to make analogous parallels in order to apply certain theories and techniques, and other times something just falls right into my lap in textbook format. In reading about venture capital a couple of weeks ago, I was so […]

Alphabet Soup: Musings About Qualifications

Remember when there was little difference between accounting and finance as distinct disciplines? It wasn’t that long ago, right? Well, boy have times changed. I was just talking to a friend who works in London for a major fashion retailer, and as we were discussing our career paths, he commented that the whole specialized business-related […]

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