Your survival guide for Mathematics

It’s presumed that you have to be intelligent to study Maths at University. In my opinion, this is wrong! My experience has suggested that Maths is not about being smart, it’s about having the 5 R’s:   Remembering definitions – Some exam questions will simply test your memory. As for the others, it’s just about applying […]

How Mathematics (nearly) destroyed the world

My cousin is a huge gossiper about ‘theories’. You know, that person who says something large has happened under complete discretion that has transformed our world. So this blog has been inspired by her; I’m going to tell you a story but I will only cover the main points. Then you decide if it’s real […]

Take A Walk

Do you find that sometimes just walking and talking can clear your head? And what better time to destress than the exam season? Walk Leicester have organised a walk festival currently ongoing till the 31st May:   Step by Step to Moving More – Explore Spinney Hills Park with all the outdoor gym equiment and […]

Your Leicester Sports Update

When I’m in full on revision mode, I can smash through past papers as if it’s no different to breathing. And when I’m in relaxation mode, I can watch football from morning to night. Today is Saturday and it’s almost time for the Liverpool vs Stoke City kick off (come on Mo Salah). If being […]

The sun is here! But where am I?

Right now, I feel depressed. I mean how often does the weather in England get as fabulous as this, yet I am stuck in the library revising and finishing off coursework. I want to go outside and play!   In fact, the sun has changed the atmosphere around the uni and Leicester. Victoria Park is […]

Easter Holidays – Revise or Relax

After a soothing two week holiday in India, I’m back to blogging and boy, do I feel refreshed. This holiday was a necessity but it has taken up half of my revision time. This got me thinking whether the trip was worth it in the end. Do you think we should relax or revise?   […]

What company will I end up working for?

My fellow Math students, as you get closer to the end of another action packed year, it’s time to start thinking about what type of career you want to pursue. If you already know what you want to do, who you want to work for and how you are going to get there, congratulations! I […]

Are you interested in volunteering?

So since the start of 2018, I’ve been itching to participate in new experiences. In 2017, I always felt that I lacked contribution towards the happiness or general well being of others. Ever had a desire to give back to others but there was always something in the way? For me, I didn’t know exactly […]

Maths & Business – Review of module

If you are fascinated with Business applications of Maths like I am, you will probably be choosing the business related modules. These type of modules involve less complex Mathematics and demand you to think practically as if you were in a real business environment. I think this appears like a fun challenge but as some […]

Training Time – Sport in Leicester

We all know somebody who makes a new years resolution to go to the gym for whatever reasons. Well, it’s currently February, and I am still waking up at 7am frequently to hit the weights. Only 11 more months left! It’s a great feeling when you leave the gym knowing that you’ve produced an exhilarating […]

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