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Where to revise at the university?

Christmas is approaching and for me, that can only mean one thing: time to push ourselves and finish off coursework, assignments or anything that can prevent us from having a stress free holiday. Now of course, we all have our own places to revise. Whether it’s your home or local coffee shop, there’s no denying that some […]

Exploring Highcross

At the heart of Leicester City Centre lies a very popular shopping centre. Whether you’re looking for those warm winter clothes or fancy restaurants to dine at, Highcross has it all. What always attracts me there are the fashion shops, there’s a variety of them to suit your needs. My number one concern is normally […]

The 3 phases to get past our academic mistakes

This week, I got my results on a test I recently attempted (which was worth 20% of my overall grade). When I saw my results, I was surprised at how poorly I did but I thought “Doesn’t matter, I will just revise harder next time”, thinking that I could remain cool. Then later that evening, […]

Dealing with the neighbor next door

Last Friday at approximately 1am, I was trying to get some sleep in preparation for an early start on Saturday. However, constant noise and disturbance from a party upstairs woke me up.  Then, at 3am, the fire alarm goes off! There flew my chances of getting a good nights sleep.   We could all use […]

Where to eat on London Road?

If you enjoys eating at restaurants close to the university rather than taking a long 20 minute walk into town (like me), then I’m sure you are aware of London Road? It’s about a 5 minute walk from the university and is full of different styled restaurants. Whether you’re looking to wine and dine or […]

Struggling with Maths? Start going to Peer Support

If you are currently debating on whether to study Maths at Leicester, you may feel nervous about coping with the intensity of the subject. During my first year, I definitely felt the pressure so I decided to attend a class called Peer Support, and it was definitely worthwhile.   At Peer Support, a group of […]

Settle in Leicester quickly with a Peer Mentor

I remember my first week at Leicester, I was only focused on one thing, exploring. Who should I be having pre-drinks with, which restaurants should I be eating at.  Sounds fun right? And then more questions arise like “Where can I find something in Leicester? How do I sign up for this activity? What can […]

Freshers Fair – What to look out for

It’s been a hectic week at the university. You know that Fresher’s Fair is in full swing when there’s offers being bombarded at you every second, large queues at the centre of campus and people discovering that two hands is not enough to carry all their bags (I saw someone holding a bag with their […]

Maths & Society or “How did Maths start?”

The Mayan Number Representation

Have you ever heard of “The Mayans”? They were a group of people from long ago that made our number system by representing numbers as pictures. This is one of the many, (MANY) facts that you will learn if one of your modules is Maths & Society.     I’m going to be truthful, many […]

Starting a Maths degree? Here’s what to expect

Are you wondering how Maths at university will differ from studying Maths at A-level? If you are, I can tell you from experience that on your first few weeks, it’s almost like studying something else completely.  So, I will share some pointers on what you can expect from this challenging subject.   • Your two […]

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