How to keep a student house tidy

Hello all! I know that my previous blog post would be incomplete if I didn’t advise you how to keep your wonderful new place clean, which can be surprisingly hard especially if you live with people who are not necessarily passionate about tidying. It’s so important to have a nice, pleasant space around you to live and work properly. So here are my top tips to make it work:

  • Organise, organise, organise. Why not make a cleaning chart and stick it on the fridge? Choose a day of the week and have each person clean a specific area on that day. That way, there won’t be only one person cleaning everything all the time.
  • Buy boxes and storage spaces. This is especially true for your room. If you have trouble tidying bits and pieces, organise your space by boxes (can be decorative) where you can just tip all your things into. You can have mugs for makeup brushes, plastic boxes under your bed for fancy dress, boxes on your desk for stationary, especially if you lack cupboards… there’s so much out there!
  • Don’t be a hoarder! Unless you’re preparing for a strange form of an apocalypse, I wouldn’t advise keeping that hat aunty Martha gave you five years ago. You don’t need it. Take some black bags and go through your stuff to make sure everything you have you use all the time. If you’ve worn it once, you don’t need it. Charity shops need good clothes, books and shoes, so don’t hesitate!

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