Erasmus 3 – Language barriers? What’s that?

Erasmus 3 – Language barriers? What’s that?

It’s official.   I’ve spoken more English than Spanish and I’ve only been here for 28 hours.   How is that possible?   I am hoping that will change as soon as classes start. Spending a good portion of my day on the shopping centre probably didn’t help my case as most stores require their […]

Un chulapo and I

San Isidro and La Liga

Last weekend, Madrid was a hive of activity. Not only were the celebrations of Madrid’s patron saint, San Isidro, taking place but there was also a crucial decider football match in the Spanish version of the Premiership which is called La Liga. On Saturday night, every television in every home and bar in Madrid was […]

Another Falla

Valencia and Las Fallas

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to do yet more travelling as I headed east to visit my friend from home, Terri, who is studying European Law with a Year Abroad in Valencia. I was really excited for the trip for 3 main reasons, 1. I was looking forward to seeing Terri and other familiar […]

Fountain Show!

Barcelona- The City of Gaudí

This time last week I was on an AVE train (Spanish high speed train standing for Alta Velocidad Española), leaving the City of Gaudí, also known as Barcelona. It was my first time there and therefore the previous weekend was full of sight-seeing, food eating and even a brief spell on the beach! As my […]

¡He llegado! I have arrived!

I have officially spent 6 days in Madrid but it feels like I could have been here a lifetime already as I already feel very settled in my new home. I live with 4 other girls, 2 French, 1 Swiss and 1 English in the La Latina area of Madrid which is very near to […]

Un Weekend Très Culturel!

Un Weekend Très Culturel!

Last weekend in Paris, on Saturday the 5th, was the city’s Nuit Blanche celebrations. Nuit Blanche or White Night is a celebration that happens in Paris as well as other cities and the idea is that for one night only, museums stay open until the early hours of the morning (6AM) for the public to […]

Big TV outside the Haymarket

Leicester City Centre

I thought I’d dedicate today’s blog to the city of Leicester itself and in particular, the shopping facilities that it has! Today is a FANTASTIC day as my final Term 3 student loan payment has come in. So of course, I do exactly the opposite of what ever good budgeter would tell you to do […]

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