Vincent and Mia

Le Big Mac, Tarantino and the Deep South

Have you seen Pulp Fiction? It’s a Tarantino cult classic that’s hard to forget with its copious amounts of cocaine, guns and bizarrely mundane dialogue throughout (there’s 5 minutes of screen time dedicated to a conversation about foot-rubs…). It’s a dialogue near to the beginning of the film that I wanted to talk about in […]

Mémé’s Tarte au Citron

Mémé’s Tarte au Citron

August has been a month of adjustment for me. I went home to Leicester at the start of the month and suffered from reverse culture shock, a subject which Katie wrote a really great blog post about here. I’d just adjusted to being back in England when I boarded my return flight to France. I’ll […]

Le Bistrot Lyonnais, proudly serving up brains on Rue Carreterie

Brains for Dinner at Le Bistrot Lyonnais

Last Friday we went to a restaurant just round the corner from the apartment I’ve been renting for the past 5 months in Avignon. I’ve seen this particular restaurant many times on my way to and from uni. It’s painted a dark purple and over the door in gothic gold letters it states: “Le Bistrot […]

The End of My Erasmus Year

Last Saturday, my Year Abroad officially ended as I got back on a plane to England for the first time in 4 months. As I got into the taxi that took my suitcases and I to the airport, I was overcome with emotion. Seeing my flatmates waving me off made me so sad that I […]

Exámenes y La Copa Mundial

Last week was a week of exams and watching World Cup matches. La Copa Mundial is a huge deal for the Spanish, especially as they are reigning champions of the tournament. I was supporting Spain too (it would be rude not to seeing as the country is taking good care of me!) and I was […]

A long way to go to reach the top!

Alicante- Food, Castles and More Food!

Last Tuesday, I had my last ever class at the Complutense! So to celebrate this occasion, I made a trip to Alicante with my boyfriend to relax and recharge before starting revision for exams. We chose to go to Alicante as it was somewhere new to us both and it was very reasonable to travel […]

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