Vincent and Mia

Le Big Mac, Tarantino and the Deep South

Have you seen Pulp Fiction? It’s a Tarantino cult classic that’s hard to forget with its copious amounts of cocaine, guns and bizarrely mundane dialogue throughout (there’s 5 minutes of screen time dedicated to a conversation about foot-rubs…). It’s a dialogue near to the beginning of the film that I wanted to talk about in […]

Go, go, go!

“Your final year will go by so quickly!” Eight words every final year student is told thousands upon thousands of times. Eight words every final year student doubts…until they realise that they’re practically already half way through Term 1. I cannot describe how fast the last four weeks have gone by. I feel like I can now […]

Back to Student Life!

I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon from the comfort of my brand new student house! I moved back up to Leicester a week ago and, safe to say, everything has been GO GO GO! As ever, unloading my boxes and boxes of clothes, stationary and course books required both of my housemates to lend […]

Life in the Shire- Cows, BBQs and Results

In my opinion, I live in the best Shire in England- Cheshire! Having not been at home since early February, I was very excited to spend time here after my Year Abroad as even though it’s very quiet around these parts, there is no place like home. In-fact, one of the things that I was […]

The End of My Erasmus Year

Last Saturday, my Year Abroad officially ended as I got back on a plane to England for the first time in 4 months. As I got into the taxi that took my suitcases and I to the airport, I was overcome with emotion. Seeing my flatmates waving me off made me so sad that I […]

Thank you for the best birthday ever

Veintiuno- Friends, Cocktails, Sunshine and Pizza

At the start of this month (the 1st to be precise!), I turned the ripe old age of 21! It was bittersweet being away from home for this milestone birthday as it meant I wasn’t able to be with all of my family and friends there but my friends here more than made up for […]

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