Erasmus Part 1: Planning & Preparation

¡Hola!   Yes, you guessed it right.   I’m going to Spain and it’s going to be an incredible experience!   Why am I so sure?   Well, I can never be certain but I am currently preparing and planning for my year abroad which is why I thought it would be useful to give […]

Happy Holidays and Hello 2015

December, the month of festivities! Christmas meals, Christmas drinks, Christmas snacks, Christmas films, the list goes on… For me, December began in an incredibly stressful fashion. 8th December marked the deadline for a politics essay I had been slaving over for weeks. I find it really difficult to work at the best of times, so […]

Typical clothing of the processions

Semana Santa

The Easter period in Spain, called Semana Santa (Holy Week in English) is a really big deal. Spain is a predominately Roman Catholic country and as I have said before, it is a country that loves to celebrate and they really embrace their Easter celebrations. Although at Leicester we have 5 weeks off for Easter, […]

My sisters, mum and I on Christmas day

Christmas at Home and in France

Since flying home on Sunday, I have really been making the most of being in good old England. After a slight delay on my flight, my parents greeted me at Manchester airport and before even hugging me, my mum was asking me to pose for photos so that she could document this special occasion. How […]


Revision, exams and packing have been getting the better of me recently but let’s go back to the start of December when I lived out a childhood dream of visiting Disneyland here in Paris. I don’t think you can ever be too old to appreciate the magic of Disneyland and as it was my first […]

Picture taken by friendly southerner!

France- North vs. South

Last weekend, I went to Montpellier with my boyfriend, Elliott. Having both attended a Summer School there at the end of First Year for 3 weeks, we were really excited to make the 3 and a half hour journey down from Paris to southern France to visit Montpellier once more. Now, you may hear rumours […]

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