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University isn’t all about the course that you’re taking; to me it’s also about meeting new people and exploring a new city.

Leicester is a great city to explore, as it has plenty of shops and restaurants to go to. It is especially enjoyable at Christmas time.

A German market comes to town in December for a week; many stalls cover the streets selling festive treats. We also have fairground rides in the center for the whole of the Christmas period.

Close to the bus station, there is also a very large Ferris wheel, which allows you to view the city from above. It looks really pretty at night when all of the lights are switched on and you can see the city’s Christmas tree from the wheel too.

Now, our Christmas tree has well and truly been ripped by the press, as the tinsel that was planned to be put on the tree was too heavy and made the top of the tree sag. Having said that, I actually really like the tree this year. It is very colourful and bright and makes the whole city feel really festive.

So that’s an overview of Leicester at Christmas time, hope you enjoyed it!

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