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We all get ill sometimes

Hey guys! Firstly I want to apologise for not posting for over a month, I was struck by the awful flu virus that has been going around at the start of December and have only just started feeling myself again in the last week. Due to having this virus, I had to take nearly two […]

Staying healthy at University

In-between exams, placement and assignments, you can often forget to look after yourself properly at university. Not to mention having to budget on a student loan. Here’s a few tips on how to look after yourself when at university. Go to the market in Leicester to stock up on reasonably priced fruit and veg Get […]

Christmas in Leicester

    University isn’t all about the course that you’re taking; to me it’s also about meeting new people and exploring a new city. Leicester is a great city to explore, as it has plenty of shops and restaurants to go to. It is especially enjoyable at Christmas time. A German market comes to town […]

Dealing with stress at University

  Like any University course, the ODP course can be very stressful at times. Along with attending our placement hospitals for 37.5 hours a week, we also have to squeeze in revision for up and coming exams and have to write assignments. Just attending placement on its own can be stressful at times, as we […]

The dreaded exams

Let’s face it, no one particularly likes the thought of preparing for and taking exams. The ODP course has exams all year round, so we don’t have an exam season as such. I thought i’d put together a list of tips for people to use when they have any exams coming up. Try to get […]

The jam packed lives of student Operating Department Practitioners

Hey guys! I thought I’d do today’s blog on the academic side of the course. ODP students spend time at University on study block through out the duration of the course as well as time at their placement hospitals. This is a full time course consisting of 37.5 hours a week. During the time we […]

Hospital Placements on the ODP course

  Hello! A large part of the ODP course is about going to different theatres in your chosen hospital trust on placement. The course is split up into placement blocks and weeks spent on study block at Leicester University. Depending on which hospital trust you choose to have as a placement hospital, you will get an […]

Macmillan coffee morning

Macmillan coffee morning

  Hey guys! So I thought I’d blog about the Macmillan coffee morning that the ODP course put on last Friday in the Medical Sciences building. Six ODP students and one of the lectures organised the coffee morning. We all baked cakes and brought them in and we were also helped out a lot by […]

A bit about The University Of Leicester…

A bit about The University Of Leicester…

Hey guys, this blog is basically going to talk about why The University Of Leicester is a good place to study the Operating Department Practitioner course. I am in my second year now so I feel like I have gained a fairly good idea of what the University is like from personal experiences. Last year, a […]

Operating Department Practitioners do it all!

Hey! So I thought that my first blog should be an overview about the Operating Department Practice course.

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