First Impressions

First Impressions

      Hello and welcome to my first post! After a crazy two weeks of various induction classes, countless tours around the city and meeting more people than I can possibly remember, I am finally sitting down to write this post on my first impressions of the Netherlands and settling into my new home. […]

Holi Colour Festival

Holi Colour Festival

On Wednesday 10th May the Hindu society hosted a colour fight in Victoria Park to celebrate the Holi Festival. Having seen pictures from colour fun runs I have been increasingly curious about the colour events. As a result when my friend, KF, rang up and mentioned she had a spare t-shirt (at Leicester the majority […]

Spontaneous Weekend Trip!

Spontaneous Weekend Trip!

So guess where I went this weekend… No wait, don’t bother you won’t get it.

Performers singing and dancing at the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation award ceremony in NYC.

In New York City! Pictures Included

Over the years, I have grown accustomed to flying across the country and the globe on a daily basis. This week, I was in New York City to attend an award ceremony. This was the first time I had been in NYC during the winter. I have spent many a day in Boston, MA during […]

Lizard Owning SnapChat Guy

‘You know that guy that I added on snapchat, thinking he was that one guy I knew but turned out he’s this other guy – yeah? Well he keeps sending me pictures of his pet lizard.’ – EC   I thought I’d start off the New Year (and my first blog post on here) with […]

The wel-home-coming of the selection

The wel-home-coming of the selection

On Saturday the Chilean selection lost a nail-biting match against Brazil in the World Cup’s second round. Initially, I didn’t want to watch the match. I’m actually not a football buff, as the world keeps turning – losing or winning. Yet, what can I say? The football fever was just too strong, so I ended […]


In approximately half an hour, the World Cup match Chile – Holland is about to kick off. Football, as in almost every country, is widely popular here, too. The difference, however, is that in post-Pinochet Chile it has a special meaning, beyond just sports; it is indeed a societal event of historical proportions. Chileans become […]

Seeing it coming and pushing through

In one of my previous posts I wrote that I had enough time to spare to up a MOOC on teaching in addition to regular postgrad coursework. Well, the tide turns quickly, and now I’m in for quite a ride – and can see more on the horizon. The MOOC is not the only thing […]

Time to spare and MOOCing around

I admit, I cheat. Although I’m already in for the long-term with the Department of Politics and International Relations’ Master’s programme, I nevertheless went out to look for a little something on the side. The reasons for this are spare-time and professional advancement. Although a distance learning postgrad course is quite challenging and time consuming, […]

Ukraine and the state of capitalist democracy

Ukraine currently suffers from large-scale domestic upheaval and the breakdown of daily life. There has also been considerable bloodshed, which I am afraid, will not have reached its endpoint yet. In this post, however, I don’t want to analyse the developments that led to such turmoil. Rather, I will be trying to show that this […]

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