Can you enjoy and succeed on a year abroad as an introvert?

Can you enjoy and succeed on a year abroad as an introvert?

So, my time in the Netherlands is drawing to a very rapid close – I go home in exactly one week and I have mixed feelings about it, but generally I am really looking forward to getting back home!   I know people talk about the cliche ‘finding yourself’ when on a gap year or […]

What do the British do better than the Dutch?

So after my first post about what ‘the Dutch do better’, here is the second part – where I will list what I think Britain got right!   1. More and longer university holidays: When I arrived here and learned that you only get two weeks off at Christmas and summer and that’s it, I was in shock. […]

What do the Dutch do better than the British?

Soooo, after living in the Netherlands for almost 10 months, I thought it would be interesting for me to list some of the things I noticed here that I think ‘the Dutch do better than the British!’   1.Celebrations: Since being here I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Carnival and Kingsday. Carnival is a celebration within the south of the […]

Taking full advantage of the sun in the Netherlands

When I was researching the NL after thinking of studying abroad it, I came accross a website that claimed that Dutch people utilise the sun. It doesn’t come out much in the NL, but when it does, the Dutch take full advantage of this and get outside. I can most definitiely confirm this. Just like […]

General tips for studying in the Netherlands

The university year is quite different here than in England – you do more modules in a shorter amount of time and it was quite an adjustment from what I was used to in Leicester. I can’t say I prefer how it is here compared to Leicester but I had no choice and it isn’t […]

Not drinking alcohol at University – the benefits?

You cannot deny that british universities in particular (maybe America too) have a bit of a reputation where it concerns alcohol – this was definitely confirmed for me after speaking with other people from other countries on my year abroad! It’s quite bad when you think about it really, but alcohol and nights out are seriously […]

Getting a job during your study abroad in the Netherlands

When I first started my year abroad I said to myself that I wouldn’t get a job because I just wanted to focus on having fun and making memories this year! However once Christmas was done, I found myself with little money – not having money to go on trips didn’t sound like fun, and […]

Going green as a student

There is currently a lot of talk about the environment and the absolutely detrimental effect that humans are having on the planet – most likely due to Planet Earth and Blue Planet, and many videos going out showcasing a poor turtle having a plastic straw completely lodged up its nose. Not a pleasant thought or […]

What have I been up to in Amsterdam? #4

12th – 15th January 2018 There are definitely pros and cons to long distant relationships but a pro is definitely that you treat every visit like a mini-holiday. We always end up spending to much, but money is there to be spent, right? This weekend we investigated some new bars, and ended up getting a […]

Stop comparing YOUR year abroad to other people’s year abroad

I don’t know what’s happened since I came back after Christmas, but I have been pretty much genuinely really happy and content and yes, whilst the improved weather has helped a lot, I think it has a lot to do with my attitude. I’ve made a conscious effort to just not compare my year abroad […]

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