Is Amsterdam the perfect city for students?

Is Amsterdam the perfect city for students?

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, Amsterdam should definitely be an option. If you’re from Leicester University, it is very likely it’s only a cheap and short flight away from your home, making it easy and cheap to get to and from! Obviously no city is entirely perfect but after one month living here, I […]

The pressure of going out every night at university.

I assume that the vision of university for most, is that it is one big party every single night, which is certainly what I thought and perhaps yes, for the first week or two this is the case. However, I’m sure you’re aware and have experienced that going out every night becomes draining; it isn’t […]

Thinking of studying abroad? Here’s how to go about it:

After a long summer, we are rapidly approaching the start of a new university year and it is this time in particular where you will have people, who either study or work for the university, enter your lectures to discuss opportunities such as student ambassador roles, course representative roles and studying abroad. I first discovered the opportunity […]

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