My top 5 bars/hangouts to visit in Amsterdam

I feel as though my ideal night out has matured. I now no longer want to drink as much as possible at pre-drinks in order to save money in the O2 or Mosh, nor do I want to down as many VK’s as possible when in the club. Now I actually prefer a few social, […]

What have I been up to in Amsterdam? #2

What have I been up to in Amsterdam? #2

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of ‘what have I been up to in Amsterdam’ and that it gave you some ideas on less-typical things you can do here! I may create this into an ongoing series as the year goes on if I find many more things to do (i’m sure I will) but […]

Thinking of studying abroad? Here’s how to go about it:

After a long summer, we are rapidly approaching the start of a new university year and it is this time in particular where you will have people, who either study or work for the university, enter your lectures to discuss opportunities such as student ambassador roles, course representative roles and studying abroad. I first discovered the opportunity […]

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