My top 5 bars/hangouts to visit in Amsterdam

I feel as though my ideal night out has matured. I now no longer want to drink as much as possible at pre-drinks in order to save money in the O2 or Mosh, nor do I want to down as many VK’s as possible when in the club. Now I actually prefer a few social, […]

Feeling alone at university

I wrote this about a month into my time here, when I was feeling like this. I decided to hold off posting it until now because UK university students don’t start term until around the end of September, so I felt it made more sense to post it now, in case anybody else was feeling this […]

Is Amsterdam the perfect city for students?

Is Amsterdam the perfect city for students?

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, Amsterdam should definitely be an option. If you’re from Leicester University, it is very likely it’s only a cheap and short flight away from your home, making it easy and cheap to get to and from! Obviously no city is entirely perfect but after one month living here, I […]

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