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Catch up with my travels (Part 1)…

As you know a week after my last exam I left Leicester for a few weeks of travelling and sunshine! We flew out to Bangkok for the start of a couple of weeks exploring Thailand! The first night we stayed in Bangkok in an amazing hotel which was very snazzy as a celebration of me […]


Treetop Adventure Golf Review

4 years in Leicester means it feels like I’ve seen just about everything the city has to offer… Obviously, this not true because it’s a big city, but it means that I’m always looking for new things to do. So, as you’ve probably guessed, that’s what brings me here, to my next blog post, and […]


Barcelona (Part Two)

Welcome back to part two of my trip to Barcelona! I hope you enjoyed the first one, and if you’re still wanting to see some of the different beautiful sights of this Spanish city, do check out Charlotte (LINK) and Bryony’s upcoming post! LINK TO PART TWO! As I’ve said previously, it was such an […]


Practicing Languages During the Holidays

  Every summer, I’m faced with the same dilemma: How to practice my languages during the four month break so I don’t forget everything that I’ve learnt during the year. This summer, that question is even more pressing as I’m going back to final year, which is worth 80% of my overall grade. As a […]


UOL Hotspot – David Wilson Library

Like a lot of university students, I spend A LOT of time in the library either revising, writing essays or even just searching the shelves for books which might help me!  I always spent a lot of time in my school library during sixth form doing work during my free periods, but the library at […]

Charlotte D

The Complexities of Final Year

  Welcome to the final part of my mini series discussing some potentially useful advice, or things to consider, for each year of your university life. Today I will be talking about the biggest, and probably the toughest, year you’ll have: final year (Third year in many cases).   If I’m being absolutely honest I […]


A trip to London

This Tuesday, I took a trip to London with the hope that it would be an enjoyable day out. Turns out I have been oblivious as to what the big city can offer.   Look, my whole life, I’ve liked to be comfortable in my environment. That’s why I went to UOL, the city seemed […]


Travelling on a Budget Pt.2

So here is a little follow up vlog from my last post on how to travel on a budget! We had a fantastic time in Barcelona for not a lot of money which makes it even better! Let me know where you’re going this summer! Watch it here!


Less than two months to go…

With only less than two months remaining of my Aussie adventure, here is a compilation of one of the things I’m going to miss the most – the good old Aussie sunset.  Also, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that the video app no longer has everyone’s favourite piano melody […]

The Good Immigrant

  Hi everyone!   This is the promised vlog of the good immigrant discussion panel. I would really recommend the book I believe you can still ask for copies at the libary reception. The book holds accounts of  26 authors experiences of what it is like to be a person of colour in Britain today. […]


Sports, societies and socials (part 2)

Just like Leicester’s sports network, there are a huge variety of societies to join while in university.  Each subject has their own associated societies, all sorts of skills: first aid, gaming, and baking, and helping the community with hungry for change, Nightline, and Marrow (+ many other great charities).   I have been involved in […]


World Space Week

It’s World Space Week! On the first day of @WorldSpaceWeek 2018, we're throwing you back to @newscilive where we showcased our space story and involvement in the upcoming @BepiColombo mission to Mercury! #WSW2018 #TBT #OutofthisWorld ✨🚀🌌 — Uni of Leicester (@uniofleicester) October 4, 2018 So what is World Space Week? In 1999 the UN […]

Offer holders’ open day

Last Saturday, I was working on the offer holders open day. It started off as a foggy morning, however, we were lucky to have the sun pour on us by the afternoon. I was doing drop-in sessions for people that had questions about living at home during university and what it’s like. As I have […]


January Exams…

So, to kick off my first ever vlog, I decided to talk about something very important. And no, unfortunately, it is not about Christmas! I’m talking about the dreaded January exams…which are fast approaching us (not that I want to freak you guys out or anything…) In this vlog, I decided to share with you […]


Is this the beginning of the end?

It is that time of year when everyone is slowing down and gearing up for the Christmas holidays. The city centre is well lit and campus has just hosted its annual Christmas market (the best food is eaten here!). But as a third and final year student, this point of the year is basically the […]


Is time management a myth?

The amount of blogging I’ve been doing recently has significantly reduced (huge apologies). I won’t lie, the third year workload has really shocked me! From second to third year I would say that the workload has pretty much doubled and it has been a struggle to balance my time between uni work, paid work and […]


Balancing Life, the Universe and Everything

So uni’s a messy time at best. On top of our studies, we have work, societies, friends, partying, all that good stuff. Understandably, all of that can be overwhelming and it’s hard to keep track of it all. So here’s a step-by-step guide on keeping your life on track: Step 1: Make a list of […]


And so my journey ends

Almost five years have passed since I first arrived to Leicester. I excited, determined and a slightly bit worried about my abilities. But the University of Leicester embraced me and made sure that I will perform to the best of my abilities. And now, I am a Doctor of Philosophy*


5 Top Tips for Freshers

Hey, congratulations! Your A-Levels are over and you’ve made it – you’re going to uni. Seeing as you’ve chosen to come to Leicester, you’ve obviously got good common sense (and impeccable taste in higher education providers). However, I thought it would still be beneficial for me to compile a short list of five hints and […]


The Travel Scholarship – 4 Tips.

So, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I was fortunate enough to have been awarded a £400 scholarship from the University for my trip to Nepal. This was part of the Travel Scholarship, which occurs around January time every year. I know this is a while away, but whilst it’s fresh in my memory, […]


Time to Say Goodbye

    After 11 months and 34 posts (including this one), the time has come for me to say goodbye.   The past couple of months have felt a little weird. I submitted my dissertation on the 15th May. That was the point where many students felt that they had come to the end of […]


Inside the Clearing Team

  Okay, so the title of this post is a little misleading. I wasn’t on the course clearing team. I actually spent the last few days working the accommodation clearing hotline. It’s like the main clearing hotline, but a bit less stressful. I was on hand over the last few days, helping students find the […]


Final post from me

Hi guys   This will be my final post for now so I wont ramble on. Shortly you’ll have a brand new shiny student ODP blogger bringing you great content! I have had a great experience writing blogs on behalf of this course and I really hope it helped or was interesting to read. All […]



Can’t believe I’ve nearly finished Uni. Madness. It has FLOWN BY- I’m not ready to leave the Uni nest and enter the proper world of work… luckily I’m doing further study so don’t quite yet have to deal with responsibility of being an adult! I can’t believe I’m almost finished at Leicester though. I arrived […]

Oishi Deb

ACM Europe and WomENcourage 2017 conference, Spain

This is my last post and I would like to finish my blogging by sharing my experience at the ACM Europe and WomENcourage conference 2017 which took place in Barcelona, Spain. The conference took place from 6th to 8th September 2017 which was organized by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The ACM-W Europe womENcourage […]


Signing Off

Tomorrow, the 31st of July 2017, officially brings my student blogging experience to an end. It not only marks the end of this job but also brings me officially to the end of my university experience. Even though I graduated a couple of weeks ago, having this blog meant that I still had some official […]


The EU Referendum

Are you registered to vote in the upcoming EU referendum? If you aren’t registered or don’t know if you are, you can register here. If you don’t register than you can’t vote and with those <55 years old much more likely to vote In on June 23rd, the Remain campaign needs you to vote. This video from channel 4 […]


A little trip to Rome

As a late birthday celebration, I went on a four day trip to Rome. It planned out to be the perfect timing as we managed to book the little gateway during my reading week, so luckily I didn’t have classes.   This was the first time my friends and I would be visiting Italy, so […]


Last week in Leicester

I’ve been in the UK for four years now as a student but this is by far the longest I’ve stayed here during summer. Usually I’ll be packing and going straight to the airport after my finals in June, simply because summer is my favorite season and specifically, summer in Cyprus (my home country) is […]

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