There’s something about trains

There’s something about trains that I simply love. A long journey with a good book, a short journey with good music in your ears, the peace and ease of the travel in a comfy seat while sharing it with a carriage full of others without needing to acknowledge it. Watching fields, towns and scenery fly by, particularly in the sunshine or a landscape painted with snow, or at night – not quite knowing what you can see, seeing lights flash by in an instant…

And especially when your destination is sweet, the journey on the train builds the anticipation in a delicious way.

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My dad is a train-spotter so I have always had a healthy encouragement towards liking trains, but as a student studying in Leicester, but my home being in Manchester and my boyfriend studying in Leeds means I have developed a much more intimate connection with train journeys. Of course my opinion is slightly romanticised (ignoring Sunday train jams, rush hour trains and those days when you simply cannot find a seat!) but I really do feel very peaceful when I am travelling anywhere by train. I imagine a lot of students have many experiences, both bad and good, of train travel what with most students in the country studying away from home. Its exciting and interesting to travel by train. I wonder though, do you agree with my romantic view of train travel?


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