Goodness me, this is my LAST EVER term at the University of Leicester. It began on Monday …  and funnily enough it finished on Monday too! Well, by that I mean that all of my final lectures were held on Monday and now I have no more lectures to attend, EVER!!! (Unless I decide to do a Masters later in life, but thats years away yet, no bank loan for me!) In two weeks my dissertation is due, but I can happily inform you that I have nearly completed it and no doubt I shall post a picture of the completed specimen when it is bound and ready to be handed in! in four weeks I have my first and only exam and then I have nothing to do but wait to hear how I did in my BA career – exciting stuff!!

But also VERY SCARY; right now I am trying to write a CV for after University so that I can take it to the Careers Development services that Leicester has to offered and help direct my job hunting. I am very thankful that Careers contacted me and offered to help. I haven’t had much contact with them before now, but I received an email with offers of help with my CV and job direction and I am gladly taking them up on the offer. I would recommend anyone who is struggling (like me) to seek out help from someone who has been there before and trained to help others, otherwise we could be flailing into the world of real employment with some difficulty.

So, I am looking forward to telling you if Careers are helpful or not when I meet with them in the next few weeks, and I cannot wait to post a picture of my completed dissertation and to celebrate the fact with a well earned bottle of wine!

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