I thought it was almost Summer?!

But have you looked outside the window today? I say that because I certainly haven’t been outside for two reasons. The first is I am revising for my FINAL exam of my undergraduate career which is tomorrow (eek) but secondly THIS WEATHER!!! I know it was colder in winter, and it isn’t snowing (in Leicester at least) but we had to crack the heating back on in our house this afternoon because we all caught chills last night – crazy or what at the end of May?!

I am thinking about this particularly because we got our final energy bill today too, and I don’t mind telling you it was rather a lot more than I expected to pay :/ I don’t regret it though, because my house deposit will pay back for the bill, and we were very cosy and warm this year which I┬ádefinitely wasn’t in my second year. If you haven’t lived outside of halls yet and as such haven’t had to pay for your own bills, make sure when you come to the end of your contract you have a little extra put aside just in case, like us, you enjoy to be warm and cosy, and we have another year when the cold weather never seems to end (which feels like every year it seems). If you have any questions about this sort of thing I am sure SULets (the University of Leicester’s student letting agency) will be able to help you! They can be found in the Student’s Union building, online here, or emailed at enquiries@sulets.com.

Update to come when I am officially finished with Uni!! Until then wish me luck and stay warm in this horrible weather!

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