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What can I say? The Careers Development Service are WONDERFUL! As I posted in my previous blog post I had a meeting with a wonderful woman called Alison in the Careers Development Service on Tuesday, and I came away from the 30-40 minute meeting with a smile on my face and a huge degree of optimism!

She had taken the time to read all the comments I had previously sent her through our email conversations so as soon as I sat down she was able to ask me about my year abroad, how I was doing now Uni was over (great thanks!) and to help me with my interest in studying a masters part-time in the future. We then discussed careers I was interested in and she was able to suggest similar ones in order to broaden my scope of interest. She knew exactly what she was talking about and gave me hints and websites in order to pursue my interests in librarianships and publishing. I also gave her my CV to have a look over (she said it was strong – always nice to hear) and she gave me feedback in how I came across in the meeting (confident and open-minded; gosh compliments are so nice). She never sounded insincere in the advice she gave me and was able to discuss my interests without putting me down or stomping on my hopes. I’m really so excited to start looking for jobs (though I imagine this enthusiasm won’t last after the first dozen or so fail to get anyone’s notice in this cursed economy… BUT hope springs eternal) and cannot stress enough that if you are a finalist you should really consider a meeting with the careers team – ask for Alison if you can she was fantastic!


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