Crafting my time away

So, my hopes for applying for a job every day…let’s just say there are not that many jobs out there for this to happen! I have managed to apply for one job back home (lots of hope riding on that one) but now until I go home at the end of term (29th June) and even until I graduate perhaps (10th July) I am embracing the student lifestyle while I can and doing nothing, with no money now we are in the latter half of the month (doh!). So I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am quite the crafter, and surprise surprise my hobby has been filling the days of fruitless job hunting!

On the Sunday just gone (16th) me and my housemate, who luckily loves to make things just as much as me, went to the Clarendon Park Summer Fair that took over Queens Road for the day with craft stalls and food stalls and just lots and lots of local families. Luckily the rain subsided for the day and me and my friend wandered the stalls gleaning inspiration for crafts to be done when we got home. Luckily we were not tempted to actually buy anything or perhaps I wouldn’t be so cheerful today! But it was a lovely afternoon out in the sunshine just looking at some talented people’s works and enjoying being in a fair as if it were primary school fairs all over again!

And so I really want to share some pictures of the things I have been making, not only recently but over my whole final year in Leicester University. Tomorrow or Wednesday I shall aim to share with you some pictures of what I have been doing. Until then I have to start giving my room and the house a MAJOR clean over so that we will get our security deposits back when we move out …although we seem to have lost a fire alarm …didn’t even know that was possible…

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