Saying Goodbye – AND RESULTS

This is a difficult week as a graduate (oh no not a student anymore…). I am looking for jobs back home in Greater Manchester, I am thinking about packing, though I haven’t started yet, and I am saying goodbye to people I have held dearly for the last four years. Of course in the age of Facebook, smart phones and what-not it’s not exactly goodbye, but talking once a week online is not the same as living with your best friends or spending days relaxing together whenever you want to. Yesterday Sacha, my best friend who I finally got to live with this year, moved back home and I was in a slump once she had gone. We are meeting up on graduation, and also plan to stay together at the end of August, but having an empty room in the house, even just for a week, is a very sad reminder…

I myself am moving back home on Saturday and that will be equally sad when I have to say good bye to my other best friend and housemate of THREE years, Mary. It is going to be hard, the realisation that I will never live with Mary again, but this is just a step in life that every graduating student must take. And I suppose being sad means I was very very happy before, so there is a silver lining.

On a happier note, I GOT MY RESULTS YESTERDAY! This year they completely submitted results online for students to see, and so as soon as I got the email to my phone that they were ready I rushed to my laptop to look at what I got. I do not mind telling you that all my hard work paid off and I got the result I wanted. Now all I am waiting for is graduation.

This truly is the end of an era….

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