Festive Revision

Hey y’all. As we draw closer to the big day and the doors on our advent calenders continue to flap it also means that January deadlines are looming. It might help and it might not but I’ve listed 5 things that help me revise for the January exams.

  1. Re-write your notes from lectures.
  2. This should be number 1. First FIND your notes and ORGANISE them.
  3. I like to do a certain amount of work then have a short FIFA sized break or a power 10 minute viewing of Sky Sports News.
  4. Snacks. The most important fuel for success. Grapes are the most suitable as you then don’t have the guilt of scoffing down a whole tube of pringles in one sitting.
  5. And on a more serious note- focus on your own revision. Make sure you’re ready for the exam even if your mates are sending loads of selfies showing how little work they’ve done.

Hope these tips help out a little.

Festive Cheers,


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Jack has now graduated from the University of Leicester. My name is Jack and I am a third year American Studies student who currently has an unhealthy obsession with American Hip-Hop. I will be blogging about the final year of my course at the University of Leicester and what it has to offer those who love America.

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