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Hey y’all. With just a few days left before I have to hand in my dissertation I thought I’d let you see what kind of conditions I’ve been working in…

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  1. Laptop: The holy grail of dissertation writing – I reckon I’ve backed my work up at least 10,0000 times. Once every word.
  2. Book:  Keep hold of as many books as you can, for as long as you can.  The amount of gits that place holds on books is unreal.
  3. Casual Book: I haven’t read it yet but I hear it’s a cracker. ‘The Last Don,’ something I aspire to be.
  4. Lord Of The Rings box-set: Just in case things get too Helm’s Deep and I need a break. Sorry.
  5. Drink: Hydration = Concentration.
  6. Back Scratch-er: why not?
  7. Sweets: I’ve probably eaten my body weight in sweets during this dissertation. I’ve exhausted the ‘it’s only a treat’ excuse.
  8. Wallet: If/when I need more sweets.

To be fair my desk could be a lot worse but there she is in all her glory.



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Jack has now graduated from the University of Leicester. My name is Jack and I am a third year American Studies student who currently has an unhealthy obsession with American Hip-Hop. I will be blogging about the final year of my course at the University of Leicester and what it has to offer those who love America.

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