Freshers 2.0

I’ve now been in my house for around three weeks and so far I’m absolutely loving it. As fun as halls were for first year, there’s something so exciting about having your own house with your friends and taking on real, adult responsibilities which didn’t even occur to me during first year. Aside from the mundane chores and commitments that come with renting a house, it’s so nice living with almost all of my closest friends as last year we were all kind of spread out over GMS in oadby student village.

Obviously it’s not just my living situation that’s changed this year; I’ve already noticed a change in my attitude to study and socialising and my work ethic. Whilst I still love a good night at the O2 and running socials for my society (Bass and DJ society, shameless self promotion), something has clicked and I’m ready to knuckle down and take this year a lot more seriously. We had our first introductory lecture the other day for the Ethnicity and Diversity in American Life module and it looks like it’s going to be a really interesting module; the lecturer discussed race relation issues surrounding the recent shootings in Southern American states as well as the more broad idea of defining what race actually means.

Today is the first day of a full week back in the uni timetable and I’m excited to start this semester’s other modules which are American Film and Visual Culture, which should provide a new approach to the subject as we haven’t done much film work so far, and The American City which is a multi disciplined module.

As well as embarking on exciting new things in an academic sense, it’s also set to be a good semester for the society and for this blog. As more and more exciting things happen I’ll keep you informed as to what’s going on with both my course and with my social/extra curricular life.

peace, OJ.

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Hiya, I’m Liv and I’m a final year American Studies student. I’ve been studying abroad in Florida for the past academic year and am excited to get back to Leicester for my final year of Uni. I’ll be blogging about all the nitty gritty details of my last year, from extra curricular and social happenings to the modules I’m taking and my dissertation.

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