Final Goodbye

It seems only appropriate that my final blog post should come on the evening after my graduation! Today, along with my fellow 4th and 3rd year American Studies students (those who did not take the year abroad option) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies at DeMonfort Hall. It was a shame that […]

Saying Goodbye – AND RESULTS

This is a difficult week as a graduate (oh no not a student anymore…). I am looking for jobs back home in Greater Manchester, I am thinking about packing, though I haven’t started yet, and I am saying goodbye to people I have held dearly for the last four years. Of course in the age […]

Urban Knitting in Oxford - Although this is not personally my craft project, I took this picture when I visited a friend in the beautiful city of Oxford a few weeks ago. As an avid knitter and crocheter I HAD to snap a picture of this :) Urban knitting is a movement that does not necessarily stand for anything further than adding a few extra splashes of colour to a city environemnt.

What I’ve been making recently

Crafting my time away

So, my hopes for applying for a job every day…let’s just say there are not that many jobs out there for this to happen! I have managed to apply for one job back home (lots of hope riding on that one) but now until I go home at the end of term (29th June) and […]

Careers session feedback

What can I say? The Careers Development Service are WONDERFUL! As I posted in my previous blog post I had a meeting with a wonderful woman called Alison in the Careers Development Service on Tuesday, and I came away from the 30-40 minute meeting with a smile on my face and a huge degree of […]

Degree = Done!

I have unofficially completed my American Studies degree with the University of Leicester! By unofficial of course I mean I don’t yet have a grade, nor have I graduated – those are to come in early July. But right now I am basking in the lovely bank holiday sunshine (what a lovely surprise! In my […]

I thought it was almost Summer?!

But have you looked outside the window today? I say that because I certainly haven’t been outside for two reasons. The first is I am revising for my FINAL exam of my undergraduate career which is tomorrow (eek) but secondly THIS WEATHER!!! I know it was colder in winter, and it isn’t snowing (in Leicester […]

Handing in our dissertations in the American Studies office

Goodbye Dissertation!

Here me and my housemate/best friend are handing in our dissertations in the American Studies office – AAH!!! One week ahead of the deadline too! Just one more exam to go then I should really start to panic about finding a job!


Goodness me, this is my LAST EVER term at the University of Leicester. It began on Monday …  and funnily enough it finished on Monday too! Well, by that I mean that all of my final lectures were held on Monday and now I have no more lectures to attend, EVER!!! (Unless I decide to […]

There’s something about trains

There’s something about trains that I simply love. A long journey with a good book, a short journey with good music in your ears, the peace and ease of the travel in a comfy seat while sharing it with a carriage full of others without needing to acknowledge it. Watching fields, towns and scenery fly […]

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