Step by Step

I was inspired this Easter break by my best-friend from home as to how I might tackle the dreaded dissertation. As you may be aware I often post about my dissertation and the worry I feel about it as it is very important. Let me just refresh your memory as to how significant a dissertation […]

Easter … Holidays?

Now I know many of my blog posts consist of the pile of work I have to do and the essays that need writing and the books that need reading. But once you hit your fourth and final year, trust me, you will know what I am talking about! And so it is that over […]

It’s the final countdown..

This week American Studies final year students were emailed a tentative date for our graduation (and by tentative I mean that we were sent an email by the secretary for American Studies that this is probably the day we will graduate). On the 10th July 2013 I will finally be thrust into the real world; […]

Acting like kids

Acting like kids

When the stresses of university life get you down, as they have been for me the last few weeks, some nights you need to give up on your journey to adulthood and just embrace your childish side! The last few weeks for me have been filled with shifts at work (I don’t know if I […]

The Queens of Lost and Found

I know I promised to write a short restaurant review about Wagamama in St Peters Square (Highcross Shopping Centre in the centre of Leicester) but the more I thought about it the more I thought you can find these sorts of reviews everywhere on the internet (but I HIGHLY recommend Wagamama so so so yummy!) […]

Sunshine and Free Cake!

This always happens; the weekend it sunny and warm and I think “hey, it is FINALLY turning to spring”! I get excited, I pack less layers for a trip to Leeds I am taking this afternoon, and I think “I’ll write a blog post about lovely sunny weather”. And then Monday … and it is […]

Resteraunt Review – Zizzi

  Zizzi Ristorante in St Peter’s Square (the area through Highcross where all the restaurants are, next to Showcase Cinema) is an Italian restaurant that promises an authentic and rustic Italian experience. I and my good friends went there this evening for our friend’s 22nd birthday and I just got back with some mixed feelings. […]

Helping Out for Open Days

So yesterday I helped the Centre for American Studies duirng the first visit day for next years prospectus American Studies students. Nick (the great lecturer who took my poetry module last term that I have mentioned in a few posts, and he is also teaching me this term in American Autobiography; more creative writing!) asked […]

Getting your money’s worth?

While at work this week I got to talking to a fellow student about the cost of University these days and why some people are upset at the lack of ‘contact time’ with lecturers, particularly in Arts and Humanities subjects. As a student of American Studies I can tell you I am a perfect example […]

Stay Warm in the Snow

Stay Warm in the Snow

I am so sorry about the long break between blogs! I see a lot of people have been posting about dissertation work, and surprise surprise my time too has become dissertation and reading for my new modules this term. My 10,000 word dissertation about a man called Drew Westen (an American political pundit) is not […]

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