An important decision when coming to Uni is whether or not you want to be in catered or self catered accommodation. There are advantages and disadvantages to both!



>You don’t need to cook

>You save time not cooking

>It’s generally more social able as you go down to dinner with your friends


>You don’t get to cook

>You have a limited choice on what you eat

>You have to eat within the time periods given (Mon- Fri: Breakfast 7-10, Dinner 5:30-7, Sat- Sun: Brunch 12-1, Dinner 5:30-6:30)

Self catered


>You get to cook

>You can choose what you eat

>You can eat whenever you like


>You have to spend time cooking

>Mostly you eat alone unless you find someone to share cooking with

Price wise is pretty even at Leicester but at other uni’s it’s generally cheaper to go with self catered.

Your choice to be catered or self catered will determine whether you live in the Oadby Halls or Mary Gee. The Oadby Halls are all catered with the exception of a few houses. The main hall to be self catered in is Mary Gee. This is a little way away from Oadby so nearer to the uni and a likelier choice to walk from rather than bus but it would mean you’re not near any friends you might make in Oadby halls.

In Year 2 unless you live back in Oadby halls which few students choose to do you’ll be living out and will be self catered. Depending on the people you live with you may choose to meal share or simply do your own thing. If you were self catered in first year you will have had the chance to practise but if not you have lots of guinea pigs to try your cooking out on! 😉

Just a little thing to think about but it’s not the be- all and end- all of going to uni!

If you want to look a bit more in depth at all the accommodation the uni has to offer just follow this link:


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