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I know a lot of people will not be thinking about their careers when they go to uni, especially in 1st year- I know I wasn’t! But nonetheless they are kinda the reason we go.

I didn’t really do anything for my CV or my future career in 1st year as the end of uni seemed a long way off. But come 2nd year you realise it’s not that far off and as the greater weighting of the Ancient History and Archaeology degree is in 3rd year and you have your dissertation to worry about trying to cram in work experience and anything else that might look good on your CV is not necessarily on the top of your list of priorities. Having not done anything in 1st year I tried to pick up a lot of things in 2nd year and now at least I feel like I’ve done something!

However, I do wish I had done some things in 1st year so I’d get more experience doing them and also so I could do more in 2nd year and have a greater variety of volunteer work and jobs. I haven’t decided yet what I want to do so I’ve been trying to do a bit of most things to see what I enjoy. I also think it’s a good idea to have some variety and experience doing different things in life so you can appreciate other people’s positions and your own.

It’s certainly good to brush up on your CV before you come to Uni so if you see anything you might be interested in you can go ahead and apply rather than missing the opportunity because your CV wasn’t ready.

Leicester does have a Careers Service: and it’s very easy to book an appointment for any questions you may have, all you need to do is go on line and book one. They can help you with your CV and cover letters or applications and interviews. They’re there for you and a handy resource at your disposal that you have nothing to lose by using.

Don’t be afraid to apply for things outside your comfort zone- this is how you expand you repertoire and meet new people. Work your way up from 1st year into doing things such as putting yourself forward to be on a sports or society committee or applying for internships.

Uni has a lot to offer but it’s up to you to take the opportunities and do something with them 🙂



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