Do I or don’t I get a job?

At the beginning of each summer hols I imagine this is the question on most teenage and upwards minds. Do I or don’t I get a job? There are advantages to each.

Advantages to getting a job:

  • I get money
  • I don’t get bored
  • I have something to put on my CV
  • I gain experience

Advantages to not getting a job:

  • I can go on holiday… whenever I want
  • I can do what I want… whenever I want

However, one of these seems to be shaping up better than the other! But of course getting a job is never as easy as just getting a job. First you have to do something about that CV you’ve stored somewhere on your computer and then you have to consider writing a cover letter cos let’s face it, nowadays you can’t just get a job based on a character reference:)

Next step is to email them or hand them out and then… and then… the waiting game begins. Maybe you’ll get something, maybe you won’t. Either way at least you know you tried.

It is a good idea to get a summer job at some point because doubtless you’ll want to go away with your friends and saving early can also save you from panicking nearer the time. But consider what’s right for you, whether what you really need is a relaxing summer holiday after a years work (I know I do!) or whether you’re the sort of person who will go bored out of their mind (kinda also me;)). So if you’re like me maybe you’ll be able to find a job that is less regular but earns you a bit of cash now and then for you to spend in your summer.

Hope everyone’s enjoying there’s so far! If any up coming 1st years have any last minute worries, please post your questions- I’d be more than happy to answer them! 🙂

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One response to “Do I or don’t I get a job?”

  1. Bobby

    Nice one. Keep it up.

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