University jitters

Uni will be fast approaching for many of you and while I know this will be an exciting prospect it can also be one of worry. When I was starting uni I didn’t really think about it during my summer holidays as I was quite worried! But the day arrived when I left and it felt rather surreal. I got up, packed the car, said goodbye to my family and drove off with both parents in tow!

When I arrived I unloaded my stuff, sat and ate a packed lunch in my new room with my parents and then said farewell. I felt a bit tearful but was determined not to cry. They left and I thought, right this is it. At least until I had to phone them straight back because they forgot to take home some of the boxes my stuff had come in. Then I was thinking, not the best start but never mind.

I then started to unpack as I didn’t know what else to do but I left my door open as I had been advised so any of my flat mates could pop in and we might start a conversation! This worked as I heard chatter in my corridor and went to join in!

Making friends is one of the biggest fears for most people. But to start with you hang out with the people you live with and then if you go to Freshers Fair and join a club or society you’ll have more people to hang out with and when your course starts you’ll have all the people on your course as well! There are lots of pools of people you can make friends with so it’s not the end if you’re thinking I’m not sure the people I’m living with are my sort of people. There will be people who you can fit in with!

And as time goes by and you become more confident with the people you’ve started hanging out with, you fell a bit more settled. But appreciate Fresher’s while it’s happening, especially as Leicester does a 2 week one! It’s the only time of year you can get chatting to strangers, be it on the bus or in the canteen! It’s a really nice collective feeling of excitement so just go for it and you’ll come out with some really good friends 🙂

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