Fancy Dress

First, I must issue a word of warning. One you may already have heard or one you may not have. Here it is- uni is full of fancy dress parties! So consider a few costumes before you come so as not to be caught unaware!

We have the traditional Freshers School Disco to start with so make sure you have a tie and shirt. Doesn’t need to be too fancy 😉 I just used my old school tie.

Halloween of course is a big one but if you don’t feel comfortable dressing up all gruesome, there are tamer options so be inventive 🙂

A lot of clubs and societies throw fancy dress socials but these are normally themed so you’ll have some guidance.

Shops I would recommend to buy cheaper fancy dress items are any of Leicester’s many £1 lands or Wilkinson’s has quite a good range. Leicester also has many fancy dress shops where you can hire whole costumes. But you can pretty much create any costume with most things so have a look at your wardrobe and see what ideas you can come up with!

Face paints can also be handy, not necessarily for a full face paint but any symbols or images you might want to have, such as a skull and crossbones if you’re a pirate.

Fancy dress parties are great as you all get ready together and all help each other out. And if you’re worried about being embarrassed, I assure you, there will be someone out there with a crazier costume than yours!



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