Ultimate Frisbee

Having decided to become fitter this year and actually participate in some sport, I joined the Leicester Jesters (the Ultimate Frisbee team). I attended their taster sessions and was learning a lot about Frisbee and definitely discovering a love for it. I was not expecting to be thrown head- first into a tournament!

Loughborough Beginners was last weekend and what an experience it was! We left very early Saturday morning and I was playing my first proper Frisbee game by 10:45! We played 5 games on Saturday and had 4 to play on Sunday. However, that didn’t stop us going out Saturday evening! We went out for a pub meal and then back to our accommodation to change into our Noah’s Ark themed costumes for the night.

I decided to be an owl as I owned an owl hat. I safety pinned on some cut out feathers to my top to create my plumage and put my hat on. Most people went for the now traditional onesie but I imagine they got quite warm in the club!

Having got little sleep we then preceded to get up early on the Sunday and go play some more Frisbee! It was a very intense weekend but I learnt a lot and it was really good fun! Ultimate Frisbee is also one of the few sports that is mixed gender.

A sport’s society is a great thing to be involved in because there are a lot of training practises (good exercise) and a lot of socials!


I haven’t done a lot this past week (being caught up in the whirlwind of Frisbee!) I have been to see my tutor and we have changed my question to focus it more as it was too broad. I know everyone tells you this but it is worth getting on your dissertation topic at the end of 2nd year after exams, when you have some free time. Go and speak to tutors and get a solid question you can work on during the summer because otherwise it feels like things are changing so quickly and the one thing you’re always short on is time, so get ahead!


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